How to paint a tree blowing in the wind STEP by STEP

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-Raw Umber Oil or Acrylic Paint
-White Oil or Acrylic Paint
-Blue Oil or Acrylic Paint
-Medium Flat Brush
-Small Flat Brush
-Small Round Point Brush

This is a tutorial by Amy Pearce of Learn how to easily turn some brown, white, and olive turquoise paint into something beautiful!


48 thoughts on “How to paint a tree blowing in the wind STEP by STEP”

  1. No hay composición, desperdició demasiado el espacio el fondo se come el árbol. Falta mejorar y dominar la técnica.

  2. Hi @AmyPearce , do you know that you this painting 's replica available on chines whole sale market just for 16 or 21 days. and sadder part is Amy that you are not the only one artist . There are hunder of great artists work they selling cheap . and with out any sham they are demonstrating pictures step by step that who they printing outline images on canvases and painting over .

  3. Seriously? Put batteries in your smoke detector! That chirping means they need to be changed. It's super annoying!

  4. Great video Amy. I love your your artwork. Trees are my favorite things to paint. I will be trying this one soon, only on a single canvas, until I get more confident. Keep up the good work, and keep making the tree videos. Thank you for sharing.What colors are used on this background? I haven't found the video on this one.

  5. great vid. baby's sleeping & mummy's working…….from home. The way all mothers shld be & the world be a wonderful place to be……the way it was created to be.

  6. OK everyone, I found the u-tube for painting the background!!!! I went back to all her tutorials and this is the same background just different colors!
    How to paint a vibrant turquoise background FAST and EASY
    Video by Amy Pearce on Youtube
    She is so very talented but my background was awful and while she used Oil in the demonstration you an also use acrylic! Mine is greatly improved thanks to this video! Hope this helps.

  7. background????? ok weird. I don't get how u expect us to try and paint eith you whenever you don't show how to paint the background!?

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