7 Diet Tips To Turn Up The Heat On Your Metabolism!




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Looking for some quick tips to turn up the heat on your metabolism? Today I had the chance to meet up with Priscila Diciero, a renowned nutritionist in Brazil. Often referred to as the “Nutrition Witch”, Priscila is always on the cutting edge of what’s new for fat burning and muscle gain. These 7 tips focus on implementing more thermogenic foods into your diet. It has been proven that thermogenic foods can help boost your metabolism by 5% and your fat burning by 15 – 16%! So what are you waiting for Nation? Time to spice up that meal plan! #HTH #SHFAthlete

(1:41)- Diet Tip 1: Include Protein Snacks Between Meals!
(3:25)- Diet Tip 2: Add Ginger To Your Daily Diet!
(5:00)- Diet Tip 3: Drink Coffee
(7:18)-Diet Tip 4: Drink Green Tea!
(10:04)- Diet Tip 5: Add Cinnamon To Your Meals!

(11:08)- Protein Pancakes Recipe

(11:57)- Diet Tip 6: Red Peppers
(13:24)- Diet Tip 7: Anti-Belly Seasoning

(17:09)- Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein,

(17:49)- FORUM link for Pricila


28 thoughts on “7 Diet Tips To Turn Up The Heat On Your Metabolism!”

  1. Great tips!
    2 questions regarding protein shakes though:
    1. When I'm injured for a long time and don't want to lose my muscle too fast, should I take whey, casein or a combination?
    2. Fat loss focussed, should one go for whey, casein or a combination?

    Gained a lot of wisdom and muscle from your channel so far!

  2. +ScottHermanFitness How much cinnamon / peppers content should I add to my meals for the fat burning effect to be effective?

  3. I'm tired of being a fatso, definitely gonna run to the market after college classes. Thanks Scott and Priscilla!

  4. this video may be a little old, but it was really good. I learned some good tips that I didn't know before! I did have a question though, if you drink a tea that has ginger and cinnamon in it, like Yogi's Detox tea, will it have the same benefits as eating it?

  5. Green tea is the best diet tip hands down. Its a huge fucking boost when you couple exercise and a good diet. I got lean real quick. I get away with an occasional treat and never put any weight on. Fuck those fat burners that have those green extracts. The real green tea is much better.

  6. As a woman I would like to say thank you for sticking up for your friend when the individual was being disrespectful.

  7. There are 3 components to fat reduction – exercise, diet, and motivation. One plan I found which succeeds in merging these is the Lakan Food Tactic (check it out on google) without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever seen. look at all the before and after pictures and incredible testimonials.

  8. I believe Turmeric also has the same affect as the curry powder mixed with the black pepper. I drink hot water with ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and pepper everyday. I swear it works wonders for fat loss and fighting off colds. Also if you're a vinegar lover like me you should add braggs apple cidar vinegar or at least drink some of that everyday!

    It is the golden tea…

    Have you ever tried this scott?

  9. One problem with caffeine is that it is a PNS, which includes the vagus nerve in he stomach, this can lead to excess acid production, heartburn and a decrease in meal satiety (makes you feel hungry).

  10. Hello, Scott! Im new to your channel and i really like your content, thanks a lot for it!

    However, im confused about the first tipp. Since i watched a video two days ago where you were talking about Diet myths. There you mentioned that it wouldnt matter WHEN you eat but only WHAT and how much macros you eat. (including protein)
    So since you two explained here it would increase fat burning by up to 30% when you eat Protein in small portions over the whole day, is quite a discrepancy in my eyes. I heared both of that so often already, some say yes it does make a huge difference, some say theres no effect at all, i would like you to confirm me here which fact is true now or if i missunderstood something in the other video (im not sure which video was the latest one, i just found the other one before this.)

    I hope you get to read this and release my confusion about this! 🙂

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