They Call Her The Lady Gaga Of Food


Linda Miller Nicholson makes the most colorful and wackiest noodles you’ve ever seen. Would you like to try them?
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40 thoughts on “They Call Her The Lady Gaga Of Food”

  1. This is an absolute piece of art.. people will gotta eat more with such an attractive colored food :p

  2. I can't eat this..anyone else remember the green and purple ketchup? Yea I like my food normal colors.

  3. Now they can make it gluten free?

    The people who can't have gluten and want to try that but its wheat in there, but now the people who made that, now can you make it with out wheat?

    And i really do want to try that because i love colorfull foods and different flavors but i can tell there is gluten in there, when i get older imma try to make that into gluten free and see what the flavors are, and when she was making that, i was in love with the colors.

  4. still the lady gaga name doesn't related to her…i means a singer and a colorful food maker doesn't have any relation right?its sounds weird to call a person thought…. if i speak something rude sorry… i just tell what i was thinking about it in my mind..

  5. Lmao she spent time creating a way for her picky eater to be okay with eating it, if it was my mom she would have just yelled at me and tell me to eat it or else

  6. OOF if I didn't eat my moms food she would smack me across my face and say " girl eat your dinner or no dessert ???

  7. I am drooling and when I grow up (I'm 10) I want to be a chief and make heathy, yummy, and good looking food for picky eaters maby called the picky eat

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