My 6 pack transformation – The journey from fat to fit


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My transformation – From 26% bodyfat down to 8.5% to reveal my hidden ab muscles! i did it with Intermittent fasting and calorie counting, never believed in calorie counting or fasting but it works and i did it WITH CARBS! ….carbs are you friend! – 5-6meals a day works aswell but i tried that route and the results wasnt the same for me , this was the one! F*ck low carb diets! dont do it, you need carbs to keep them muscles up 🙂

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for those that need help with nutrition check out this guys website he can make you up the perfect plan to build the body you want – check the testimonials and watch my bulk and my next cut will be even better thanks to – check it out


35 thoughts on “My 6 pack transformation – The journey from fat to fit”

  1. +The Thunderous 1 wow man you should be proud I bet it was hard and can you give me advice on how often to workout each week?

  2. How did you do it bro?  I use to be at 210 at 5'9 pretty fat but got down to 175 so far and have been working too much to work out atm.  Any tips on cutting down to get flat?

  3. congratulations brother you smashed it. Is there any chance you could help me I've got the motivation to start trading and go Fit to Fat but I don't know how or what to train or eat :/

  4. Nice transformation bro. Just a few questions what is your height and weight bro before and after? And did your calories stay at 2000 for the 8 months? Please get back to me. Thanks 🙂

  5. lol lol lollll!!!! I like really really really enjoyed this video. Great sense of humor and those different tones of voices kept me lmao! God job keep up the good work.

  6. Dear Mr.Khan

    When is it common to see visual results?

    I got this school trip in december and I just have to get cut, do I have a chance?

    Nice video by the way! It's really motivational 😉

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