Making a Slant Front Desk by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

Slant Front Desk Building Process Video. This Slant Front Desk is Handmade of Solid Cherry with Shell Carved interior Drawers and Hand Cut Dovetail Joinery by Doucette and Wolfe Fine Furniture Makers.
At Doucette and Wolfe we make exceptional furniture using the finest hardwoods available today combined with a meticulous attention to details and overall quality.
The Slant Front Desk is handmade of solid premium grade cherry cut from the same log for color and grain uniformity throughout the entire piece. Exterior details are based on a few Chippendale examples made by John Goddard and John Townsend of Newport Rhode Island in the 18th Century. The desk interior is custom designed to function with modern devices while maintaining rich traditional stylings. Block and shell carved drawers made with hand cut dovetails surround the openings designed for a Notebook Laptop, iPad and other desk necessities. This desk is made with hand cut dovetail joinery throughout. All drawer are made with hand cut dovetail joinery, interior drawer parts are made of quarter sawn poplar for added stability and a clean uniform look. Drawer bottoms are made of solid polar. Finishing touches on this desk include high quality brass hardware and a beautiful, protective hand rubbed finish. Standard size Ht: 42” Wd: 40” dp: 22”.

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30 thoughts on “Making a Slant Front Desk by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers”

  1. this may sound odd, but I can almost feel the love for the wood this man is working on…
    and as Joe basementwoodworking said, I could watch hours of this…
    this is the sign of a master craftsman….working his trade without running off at the mouth….

  2. You Sir, are a true craftsman. I've been working with wood off and on for about four decades, but after viewing a couple of your videos I am convinced I am not worthy of the reference, "Woodworker" You do beautiful work and like many others, I appreciate your taking the time to record/post your videos.

  3. When I was a young man I worked in a butcher shop. The owner always told me that he was a meat cutter and that I was a butcher. Well Sir, You are a woodworker and I am a butcher! Thanks for the vids and as said below I could watch them all day.

  4. I'm really enjoying these incredible videos! At about 26 seconds in, is that a special table sized plane to thin the large boards?!

  5. Is this the same desk throughout? At 5:50, where the sides contact the lid there is no jog at the writing surface, but at 12:00 there is one. I built Franklin H. Gottshall"s Colonial slant-front desk, and it had a jog. This was most difficult to cut accurately to ensure the lid closed completely. Can you please explain?

  6. Need an apprentice? I know how to sweep, I make a very good cup of coffee and otherwise be a grovelling gofer. A cot, a tv, some food and I'm there. 😀

  7. The music was awesome! The craftsmanship…SUPERB! Excellent choice and selection of wood. "Cherry", in fact. Thank you for sharing your gift with is indeed a gift to watch your work.

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