GoPro: Combing Valparaiso’s Hills


The second of the Hero3+ Adventure Series.

Aaron Chase, Brian Lopes and Chris Van Dine get lost in a maze of colorful urban streets. This is an ode to Valparaiso, Chile.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪

“Detroit Part 1”
“So, So Lovely”

Pablo Malaurie

City of Valparaiso, Chile
DJI Phantom – Colin Guinn (
H5 Events (

Mural Painting by Un Kolor Distinto


42 thoughts on “GoPro: Combing Valparaiso’s Hills”

  1. Puta,faltaron las GoPro en nuestros tiempos.Podrian hacer un video retro GoPro…asi nos tiramos en carretones o aun mas extremo en Tablas con arta vela pa que vuelen sin frenos por la Hills de Valparaiso 😀 jkjaksjakjs.

  2. As a Chilean, I just love this video with all my heart. This is an amazing way of presenting one of the most powerful cities in the world, its culture and its positivity. Also has the inspiring energy of these joyful artists of having fun, what incredible free spirits that took us on this unique ride. So inspiring, so powerful. THANK YOU ALL!!
    Juan Cortes (film director from Valpo)

  3. we should know life without these ppl who risk their lives to show us something cool would have been so boring af ?
    so thanks to the cool ppl for keeping me alive ?

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