My Diet, Recommended Foods and some Tips


A lot of you were asking about my diet in the Q&A video, so here is a video about what I typically eat and some tips on how to add in more plant based foods to your diet.

Links: is a very good website. Loads of unbiased information on vegan diets. You can also find recommend foods that are important for obtaining particular nutrients.


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  1. Never thought much of the moral argument for veganism. It is something worth thinking about though. I don't think I'll ever want to be strictly vegan, but maybe I can cut out most of my meat diet. I suppose less of bad thing is better than more of it.

  2. i am following a vegan diet similar to your and i noticed with the help of cronometer that i am consuming a lot of iron (like 55 mg ) because of all the legums i am consumng can that be toxic ?

  3. Lmao soy milk is bullshit. I started heavily adding soy to my diet around 16-17 when I started weightlifting and ended up developing gyno and had to get a surgery to cut that shit out. Plant based diets are not realistic for everyone.

  4. Love the videos Clarence, very informative! When using Chronometer, it seems hard to find brands found in Ireland such as Tesco unsweetened soy milk and such, any recommendation?

  5. Pro tip: Boil dried chickpeas, add chicken pieces, garlic, onion for mother fucking tasty protein meal. Also beans go well with sour cream and onion.

  6. soy milk and soy protein is not so great in the USA to gain mass this products increase estrogen levels , better option coconut milk or almond

  7. what do you do for a living? are you a student? are you a professional lifter or trainer? i only just found your videos today and i'm curious

  8. I know you don't care bodybuliding or how big is your muscles.
    But I do and I would appreciate a video please or a response. Thanks for your time.

  9. Holy shit im freaking out. Im vegan and as a joke i said that would be sick if he was a vegan athlete and im watching the vid and i hear plant based. I was thinking oh cool hes not a big meat head. Then i hear "this type of diet" referring to something not mainstream. I check the bio and i see the word vegan. Best day ever.

  10. Clarence you are a genetic freak which means this diet will not work for everybody. I went without going to the dentist for over 16 years, with days and nights that I did not brush/floss, and when I went to the dentist, they were SHOCKED to see my teeth were in PERFECTION. Same thing goes here: GENETICS. If you have bad genetics and go on a vegan diet, it'll be bad. Plus soy is bad for testosterone – unless your genetics allow it. Me personally, I would never go on a vegan, I would be vegetarian instead (since I will always continue to consume things like eggs, cheese, milk, etc.)

  11. Bro your a beast… Thank you for sharing all this info and the site! So check this out when you have a sec.. its called Shilajit.. it comes from the Himalayas that contains 85 minerals.. not sure if you know this but all diseases can be linked to a mineral deficiency! Not to mention to function/ recover properly and optimally you need minerals! Anyways look into it brotha.. also check out Moringa Oleifera.. Also my favorite tasting vegi protein is Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder( literally amazing tasting, especially with unsweetened almond milk!!!).. Much love from the Washington State brothaaaa..

  12. Would love for you to a video explaining what weights you started at, progression, program and just in general about your journey when you started out! 🙂

  13. The diet is fine but can you also shed some light on how to take the tren, Dbol, Hecta and others? dosages and when to take?

  14. finally a non glorified video about how to really look into veganism if you choose to do it. thanks Clarence your the vegan we need…but not the one we deserve.

  15. Order sissy-siss Clarinse Zero, eatin' tofu and olmins and all that vegin shit – you don't even eat proteen, just that stupid tofu shid… kpissoutbai

  16. Hey Clarence, random question. I was curious if you can dunk a basketball? And also if you knew what your vertical is??

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