Nikon D7200 Battery Grip MB-D15 vs 3rd party Vello Grip


Nikon MB-D15 Battery Grip for Nikon D7200
Vello BG-N11


36 thoughts on “Nikon D7200 Battery Grip MB-D15 vs 3rd party Vello Grip”

  1. I wonder if you hand it both to different people in the dark for the first time witch one they will like best. Maybe you should give it a try.

  2. I bought a 3rd party grip for my d7000 and it worked fine originally but now it causes problems with my camera. The last time I tried to use it the camera refused to save to card as long as the grip was attached so I'm sticking to first party from now on.

  3. You are complaining too much about the other third party one. I think you are a bit biased….. just watch the video again yourself

  4. I noticed the NIKON grip contact point did not move around AS MUCH as the VELLO. The Vello had way to much give. I think it may be intentional by the manufacturers to facilitate easy pairing / contact between the camera and grip to reduce direct impact on the pins.

  5. do you have to have the battery in the camera or can you have the camera empty and have the battery just in the grip?

  6. Hi, can you pls confirm, that Vello one communicates correctly the battery status to camera body? Does it show both batteries and their condition in battery info menu? Thx

  7. Do you have to remove the battery grip to charge both battery? I still like the battery grip where they put both batt. in the same compartment.

  8. Very good review. Thanks for the side by side comparison. It will really help a lot of people make a decision, including me.

  9. I think the shift with the port / contacts on the grip is to give the user some play or flex when installing the grip so that the contacts don't become damaged. The will flex themselves into play accordingly as opposed to if the contact was too rigid and the connection had to be direct and forceful.

  10. Just got my Vello for D7100 and didn't have any issue with memory card saving.Battery info on the top was showing correctly and also in the menu battery info was correct If I have any problems i will write here.

  11. You are not afraid that the third party cause a short on you camera. And I would of like to know if all the button work like their suppose to work :o(…Nice video anyway.

  12. I am wondering how much shift you get when the grip is on the body. I am wondering if little flat pieces of rubber in the right places might help. Also some loctite blue on the screw threads to keep the screws from walking out again from use. I am most likely going to get the original MB-15 vs. the 3rd party. I plan to keep my D7100 a very long time. I am just wondering as time goes on when the 3rd party will come loose and lock up my D7100 in the long run. That is the thing I don't like on the 3rd party grips.

  13. I wanted to save money and purchased the Vello and some aftermarket batteries from B&H back in 2014. I was shooting an event and the grip malfunctioned. It made intermittent connections, and the generic batteries died much faster than the Nikon. I needed to remove the grip to change the battery in the camera body and the gears stripped. I was forced to use my backup camera to finish the job …took hours at home to carefully remove the grip without damaging the camera. B&H allowed me to return the grip and apply the credit towards the MB-D15. I have 2 D7100's with the MB-D15 grip and all Nikon batteries…. I WILL NEVER BUY 3RD PARTY ACCESSORIES FOR THE CAMERA! Penny-wise, Dollar foolish.

  14. The plugs on the grips are made purposely like that to align properly on the camera connector. If it was made to be rigid the slightest imperfection would damage either or both connectors on the grip and camera.

  15. I'm not saying this is a bad review – it's not. But you spent nearly 17 minutes and you never even turned the camera on to try out and compare the various controls. I think you need a Part 2 – or even better re-shoot to make one more efficient whole with with actual operation included this time and maybe 5 minutes shorter.

  16. The shifting or (give/let) may be to accommodate smooth contact connection. Without the provision for 'flexing' contacts on both grip and camera could be damaged upon harsh connection.

  17. Interesting. The battery grip only holds one battery ? Maybe im just a noob. My old nikon d5000 when i got it, i bought a battery grip which holds two batteries. However it does have a prong that fills the original compartment for the battery. Im assuming with this one you don't have to remove the original battery in its location so you don't need the two battery compartments correct ?

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