Making of Migration | a painting by Marcel Witte

The making of ‘Migration’; a painting by the Dutch artist Marcel Witte.
In this video you see the painting process of a life size polar bear mother with two little cups. They are floating on an air mattress in the shape of a floe.

Artist: Marcel Witte (The Netherlands)
Painting: Migration
Acrylic on canvas
250 x 125 cm

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Music: Per | Ettertid

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32 thoughts on “Making of Migration | a painting by Marcel Witte”

  1. Besides the beauty of the art, this was helpful from an instructional standpoint for me. Thank you. You are amazingly talented!

  2. You paint exactly like me. Not being sarcastic, so check my YouTube banner art of my doggie drawing I did using my drawing app I developed and you'll see we have similar style. I would love for you to joib my website and tested my newly developed drawing app. It's simple doodling with only one brush but very flexible.

  3. These drawings have a nice story I guess, animals are slowly being taken away from their habitats ( which is quite sad but it is for a reasons ) and you show it in your work ( the blow up iceberg ) this had meaning and i love your paintings

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