Healthy Diet for anyone!!!

healthy diet

rusty78609…I was asked to do a video about my daily diet that requires very very little cooking, and is very very healthy!!!


6 thoughts on “Healthy Diet for anyone!!!”

  1. Good video Rusty!  For more video ideas search YT for living in a van/traveling camping in a van…..closely related to RV'ing and van camping and traveling to get  more ideas on vids to make for fun.  Visit the different categories and put your take on them and add helpful ideas/categories that you might feel would be helpful.  With your tremendously long experience in years of doing this, your added wisdom would be gratefully   helpful.  Thanks!  Bye Bye.  Search "van dwelling" to start.

  2. Great diet! I love beans and lentils, too. They are so healthy. I will follow your lead with breakfast, too. Could you give us a tour of your RV sometime? Thanks, Rusty!

  3. Great to hear that you're health conscience! I lost 90 lbs over the last few years by diet changes and feel it's really benefitted my health! Your example makes me feel even more motivated though to step up my walking even more. Thanks for the personal experience! ??

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