Sushi Letters Art – Food Art Recipe

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Sushi Letters Art – Sushi Art – Food Art Recipe
How to Cook Sushi Rice:

In this video Chef Davy Devaux teaches how to make sushi letters art, these amazing sushi pieces are impressive to say the least, you can learn how to write the entire alphabet in sushi roll pieces using Kampyo wrapped in nori and cooked in Dashi stock, soya sauce, sugar and oil.
The video first says a special thank you to sortedfood for re-creating the mosaic sushi roll.

Then it goes on to show the processes involved in making the letter sushi rolls. From start to finish, although the video tutorial does not show how to cook the entire alphabet it does show you how to make the following letters: O, V, E, U and L.

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next weeks video choice : panda sushi roll art or flower sushi roll art?
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filmed on a Canon EOS M , and edited on Adobe Premier.
Music creative commons : Ishikari Lore by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Produced by Chef: Davy Devaux


33 thoughts on “Sushi Letters Art – Food Art Recipe”

  1. 'Love u' Hehe that's cute 🙂 ~ I gotta try this for sure! Ingredient swap out idea: how about white daikon radish sliced out to the same appropriate shape as the noodles or gourd? Then of course cooked in the dashi and soy sauce. I think it'd give an appealing texture contrast as opposed to the softness from only the noodle and rice. I'm glad to find your page Chef 🙂 ~ coming back to watch more videos of yours for sure~

  2. this isn't art. this is what you call "playing with your food", which most people learned not to do, when they were little.

  3. Davy, Love your videos…I wished I found them sooner…I watched those guys try to copy your mosaic roll, lol I think they need to take another look at your video, because it looks like they have a corner facing the wrong way…IDK, I like your videos better…You explain and give hints where we might have problems…Anyways, just want to say I love what you do here…Thanks for the help…

  4. I can grow gourds in my back yard year round, my family has a tradition to gather at my house and serve our special gourd recipe

  5. How have I just discovered this awesome channel? You are so cute and shy but I like it hahaha!! Thank you so much for teaching us :)))) I shall try this one day!!! xxx

  6. the flower sushi roll because it is prettier than the panda and easy to make while the panda is harder to make and the flower is more for beginners and the panda is fore advanced people and that is it. 

  7. Hey is that gourd thing also called winter gourd or waxy gourd? Cause we can get them here. Chinese step mum even grows them :p

  8. The only thing I don't t I to y I have to a YouTube video to a new phone is i don't think I can see you at least I can be used to it all in all my heart and soul into it is a good day for me and my friends are not y I have a lot of fun with

  9. Hi David! You're an excellent chef! I like all of your videos and I'd love to be able to make sushi as you show! I made once my own a bamboo sheet! I'm from Argentina.. Thanks for sharing all that art!

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