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37 thoughts on “4 HEALTHY JUNK-FOOD RECIPES”

  1. SOOOO glad you're back!! I missed you! Making all of this! My favorite is still your cauliflower mashed taters. 🙂 

  2. Hi ! Amazing !
    Can cou make some video how to find better itself and how to never never give up in life ? 🙂 thanks !!!!

  3. Hey, Brenda, thank you so much for giving us valid and true information that we can actually apply to our busy lives!  There isn't another channel quite like yours!  I really value your work so much :)))  Keep at it!

  4. I make sweet potato fries all the time.  Going to have to try the parsnip version. Thank you for always sharing such quality content.

  5. Hey Brenda, I used to weigh 182 pounds two years ago.  I joined a gym and totally changed my diet to eat only organic vegetarian proteins, vegetables, and fruits.  Now, I weigh 123 pounds and I feel great.  I have a good amount of muscle and can run non-stop for 40 minutes at 6mph.  BUT, I would really like to get more muscle definition and be stronger ( I have yet to perform one pull up).  I started focusing on crossfit workouts that fatigue my entire body well.  My question though is: To really get the most out of my strength training, do I need to 'bulk' diet.  I am used to eating anywhere from 1500 to 1800 calories a day, but should I get more?  All the scale says is that I am still losing weight… shouldn't I be gaining weight if I am making more muscle?  I'm a bit worried at this point.  Thanks!!!

  6. your so amazing!!! and helpful… you've not only helped me become healthy but you've helped me make my little girl a healthy baby 🙂 

  7. I just started my fitness channel! I am not a professional, Just a girl recording her journey to weight loss and a healthier life style! I'd love any support I can get!!

  8. Okay question for anyone who may know…are the plantain chips healthier than say, homeade potato chips? Obviously they're better than bought ones, but from what I've seen plantains are pretty much all starch, like potatoes so I'm wondering if there is really any difference.

  9. Plantains are supposed to be eaten when they are pretty much black. When they are yellow, they are not ripe

  10. Thank you so much!! You are such a life saver. I tried the parsnips, and I loves them. What would I do without you.

  11. You re not lean .. Just an observation? Your whole life is about being lean and you still cannot manage it… How are You ona help others… Your Addict is horrible!!

  12. Looks delicious. I want to make some of those for this Friday. But there will be a lot of food, though. Damn. ?

  13. +leansecrets hi I'm trying to lose weight. I'm 16 years old but I'm really confused about my daily in take of calories and I'm trying to eat right and avoid junk food but I'm having trouble losing. I'm also working out and trying to do as much cardio as I can. Can you help me identify what I'm doing wrong? Btw love the videos

  14. "you get a delicious kind of hash" haha that sounds very promising. I'm just playing your recipe idea's are in point. it sucks that we have to prep a lot but I like to know what my food is made of

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