5 Creepiest Things Caught On Camera In Hotels!


5 Creepiest Things Caught On Hotel Cameras!


Security cameras have basically become a necessity in the world of surveillance today but more so in hotels. In fact, when you walk into a hotel and fail to see a camera, you’ll probably wonder why the management of the hotel is being paid. Anyhow, they are here to stay and we have to deal with it. Although their unbiased nature makes them quite trusted. With this being said, prepare, because here are 5 Creepiest Things Caught On Hotel Cameras! Lets begin!

1. Strange Laughing Girl

This picture looks as if it was captured from a horror film…a girl, standing in the middle of a hotel hallway…alone…and laughing as loud as she can. The disturbing fact is that this picture was captured completely by accident which leaves you wondering…. Is she sleepwalking? Possessed? Or laughing at something sinister? Or is she laughing at something or someone around her we cannot see. What were the other occupants doing while this was happening? And could someone tell me what the red thing at the window is? Creepy…

2. Disturbing Ghost Image

I know you may say you do not believe in ghosts, but first hear me out. Let’s start with the experts claiming to have captured an image of paranormal evidence that is actually quite rare. And as you may or may not know, it takes a lot of energy for a ghost to manifest itself. So, in this case, on the third floor of a certain hotel, a female ghost was seen taking a stroll down the hall. I’m not sure anyone was on that floor to check out the story, but cameras don’t lie or blink, so I’d pretty much go with the camera’s story. So, next time you hear a hotel is haunted, I think you’d better believe it.

3. Ghost Attacks Man

When I first looked at this image, I could tell there was some struggle going down. I tried figuring out the image that was dragging the man and I was left scratching my head…profusely. You can see the darkened areas in front of the man on the ground. He is trying to get away from something but it cannot really be explained. You can also see through the image of the person or thing dragging the man. Yeah, I know…creepy and terrifying. One piece of advice, don’t walk alone in hotel hallways. You may never know who or what is lurking around…

4. Misty Ghost Roaming Halls

Paranormal experts don’t say hotels are one of the most haunted places in the world for nothing. Maybe they can help us explain this image. A misty form is seen walking in the hallways of the hotel. It seems like a woman and where she is headed is quite unclear. I am not really sure if the experts can explain to us why the ghost chose that particular hotel…or maybe the she-ghost can? Some ghosts will float around in a misty form while others will manifest in human form. Whatever it is, it is downright creepy meeting one in the hallway…at night.

5. Stuart Hotel in Walton, Liverpool

Walton Liverpool at the Stuart Hotel has been a landmark that has been around for years. As times change, you change with the times and even set up a surveillance camera to keep an eye on loiterers and people leaving and entering the building. I’m sure when putting the cameras up, the security team did not expect to capture such a disturbing and creepy face in the upper left hand window in the middle of the day. As expected, the image caused quite a stir among the hotel keepers and the adjoin pub. Would you really expect anything less? With all these ghosts, I think it’s time that hotels accept them as a necessary evil.

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38 thoughts on “5 Creepiest Things Caught On Camera In Hotels!”

  1. the last on the list is not a real ghost. I have seen the video already and the reason why the girl is laughing is because she was throwing prank on people that passes by.

  2. that ain't no strange laughing girl, fool!

    that's Lavar Ball yelling "Beat his nigga ass!"

  3. #3. There's someone else edited out of that video. You can see the shadow walking up before the "ghost" knocks him down and afterward, it goes the opposite way down the hallway and around the corner. Nice of a 'ghost' to leave shadows and follow the hallways.

  4. that last one – creepy smiling girl….. that was a prank because I found the full length video of it and you can see her waving towards the camera at the beginning of the video. Guess she wanted to creep the hell out of people there and she indeed did. Funniest thing for me was when one of the guys, whom she scared out earlier, sneaks up to her from behind and hits her in the head – she got what she deserved!

  5. #3# Ghost attacks man
    Do ghosts cast shadows? And i don't mean shadow people, their different.
    Right wall of so called ghost shadow, man on ground. Shadow on ground & wall half way. So not real!!

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