Hello everyone and welcome to a new vlog! We spent the past week watching season 2 of RuPual’s Drag race which made for a pretty uneventful vlog. Melos does share with you a lentil “meatball” recipe and I do a ~not so quick~ haul of the items I picked up from Zara and Ulta!

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Gingham top:

Crop top w/ knot:




⭐︎ MUSIC ⭐︎
Quirky Dog – Kevin Macleod
Rush – Lakey Inspired
Lobby Time – Kevin Macleod
Snow – Vibez.

Steph & Mel ?



  1. I loved the bangs on you tho!!! when I did my bangs I didn't want like a full on type bang like you did last time because I had them before so I tried the Korean style and I LOVED THEM! you can also move them to the side when you don't want them for a certain look,10/10 recommend!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experience Steph : ) It really reminded me of myself a year ago. I definitely had the same struggles when driving or just going through life. I'm glad you found help instead of just internalizing it. Love you both : )

  3. DO NOT GET BANGS OR CUT HAIR IN A BOB! I'm currently trying to grow my bob/short bangs out. Since your hair is one length, maybe ask the hairdresser to cut your hair in a "V" with long layers to add more dimension/texture.

  4. I care! I love how real you were in that moment about mental health. I have depression and hearing other people talk about it, makes me feel better about myself.

  5. I enjoy the chill vlogs as I live in the valley to… way to hot to do much outside! Steph I think you would look great with a pixie cut!!

  6. one in four people have a mental health issue…glad you talk about this….glad you are on the up swing! love you both

  7. loved the story telling vibes with the little snippets of clips instead of just day to day clips! nice change up and kept me involved the entire time

  8. During my depression, your vlogs really helped me… it was always a Lot of positivity and I needed that more than I relized. You're not alone! I hope you Will feel better and having a lot of support from us and Mel❤️

  9. I watch the vlog religiously and I really enjoyed punk speaking so honestly about her mental health. As a sufferer myself I would be super interested in a specific video about mental health from you guys in general 🙂 Keep it up you girls are killin it!

  10. I think you could totally rock shaggy/wispy bangs, but I also kinda liked the blonde on you (which a lot of people didn't seem to love), so .. ?

  11. Laughed at the egg cooking and was shouting noooo. Cried with how happy you made Mel. Seriously get a new blender as that's dangerous. Maybe fitters would be better?. My mum who has passed away suffered from depression so I know what it's like to watch a family member go through it. Get the help you need and take moments for yourself. Pin up your fringe into fake bangs to see if you will get annoyed by it. Mind yourself best wishes from Ireland.

  12. Did you girls watch the PLL finale? What did think? Please share your thoughts and musings. I'm shook, personally. Also, Punk I'd really like to DM with you about MH. If you're willing. Because I look up to you guys and I really need an internet bud that cares. I just am feeling really crappy as well and though I'm not having Panic Attacks I still feel on edge a whole lot. I'd probably benefit from a supplement of some kind, too.

  13. I'm watching your vlogs from the very beginning
    I feel like you're my native people and I appreciate it
    So, please, keep going
    Every Monday morning (in Russia) I have a ritual of watching your videos
    You're the best
    Thanks a lot for doing its amazing 🙂

  14. "I thought I'd update you guys, you probably didn't really care". I care so much! Thank you for sharing your experience and the steps you're taking to feel better!

  15. Giiirrrrl…I'm in Arcadia. Tried to put an egg on the asphalt and NOPE. A chef friend said I should have put cooking spray on the asphalt first, but I'm done.

  16. You ladies are so genuine. You know your community/crew value and support your content, so I hope you get positive things out it, too! Steph, your honesty about your journey is great because people can relate. Also, when Mel says 'doll hairs' for dollars – gets me every time ha ha 🙂

  17. the egg should've cooked, it was 104 degrees where I lived and my friend did the same thing, and it cooked right away

  18. I like how Melissa is in the driveway explaining what they did in Monday's and Tuesday. I like how it goes to the clip and then back to her in the driveway. LOVE YOUR VLOGS!

  19. so glad you are feeling better. love the shades. LOVE the red gingham watching the two of you

  20. Steph bangs would be so cute on you, just a suggestion to have them cut thinner than what you had circa 2013 so its softer and frames your face better! xoxo

  21. Next time try cooking it with the lid on, maybe the glass will create a greenhouse effect. If you can try and mimic a solar cooker.
    When I was a kid I remember having a neighbor who cooked rice and lentils in her solar cooker, it was mesmerizing.

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