GoPro Hero 5 Black Unboxing + Setup


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What’s up guys?! Today I’m bringing you my first unboxing video! I plan on making some more unboxing videos in the future, as well as some in-depth videos as well – covering what this camera can do! This video is showcasing what is inside of the box, first steps on your new camera and some raw footage at the end shot in Huntington Beach, CA! I’ve already used this camera for two days now and I absolutely love it, I hope you guys enjoy! – Thomas

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26 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 5 Black Unboxing + Setup”

  1. Great video thanks. Just wondering Thomas, what are your opinions on using the Hero5 Black as your stand-alone still photo camera? I'm thinking of not bringing my other point 'n shoot on my next trip and just bring the GoPro. Keep in mind I will also be using the GoPro to record video as well.

  2. Hey there, sorry. Does it come with the bag when you purchase it from the website? Or you need to pay extra. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Question ! What is the best Settings to Recored Video ? i am ususlly Gonna use it on the Sea diving and walking around on the boat dont you think stabaliztion gonna be good aginst the waves and the boat moving right and left ? what do u recomand ?

  4. Some unboxing you didn't even show us where we can stick the USB cord so we can charge the battery. Also do something about the aggravating spotlight reflection on the screen. Now I wasted all this time with this video and I now have to watch someone else's video to get the whole story. Thank's<sarcasam>

  5. Wow amazing quality. What were export and compression settings to youtube? I haven't been able to figure out the right combination, youtube is making my videos look smushed. I've heard that it can take yt 24 hours to process a video and make it look crisp, have you found that to be true?

  6. I find it so bad that I'm a very technically able person and I had to watch an unboxing/setup video on YouTube to work out how on earth to setup my GoPro, what the hell is with the so called "Setup" booklet that it comes with, it describes nothing!

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