Americans Try Balkan Food With Their Uber Driver


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Thanks To Milan, Aroma Cafe, and the drivers of Los Angeles.

Henry Goldman
Keith Habersberger –


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33 thoughts on “Americans Try Balkan Food With Their Uber Driver”

  1. Im from Kosova which is a part of Balkan and I'm glad that you like our food.You need to try turshi and fli to get the best taste of Balkan food.

  2. eeejoooj konacno neko da proba nesto sem
    trying serbian food… mislite snacks brt
    a brate ovi uzose burek i kefir kako treba! ko normalni ljudi

  3. im from montenegro and its very sad thats just 600.000 People live there and worldwide 700.000 all are died in the war im sad all are sad 10 years and than montemegro nema više im sad

  4. That isnt looking like real Burek.. I know how must real Burek look like cause burek is my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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