Six Pack | Pabich Brothers | Roman and Cedric


You know the drill. $35 dollars and Six Pack – RHINO calls ’em out, and the Pabich brothers handle biz in a hidden backyard pool for a Six Pack of sugary beverages. Hell yeah, boys!

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Filmed by Wes Lott (@HeshWes)
Hosted by Rhino (@Rhino)
Edited by Joe Perrin (@TheKillaTapes)

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17 thoughts on “Six Pack | Pabich Brothers | Roman and Cedric”

  1. they're literally too fucking good, i don't understand how insanely fearless they are, when I was young I was so fucking scared of the big bowls and im 20 now and finally can skate them in my opinion good enough but I'm not doing anything near this level it's absolutely crazy you guys fucking kill and i'm scared to see what they're gonna do as they get older hahaha crafted from the skate gods

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