Swimming over the edge in glass bottom pool 40+ floors high


The Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas features a glass bottom pool, hanging 10-feet beyond the building, 42 floors above earth, giving the illusion of walking or swimming on air


25 thoughts on “Swimming over the edge in glass bottom pool 40+ floors high”

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  2. My two worst Phobia's is first me no can swim, me almost died when 9 age ,me fell out of my uncles Bass Boat on 33 degree water, me dad had to jump in and save me, me second fear is of heights 🙁 Living in a High Rise me Balcony door is locked because me sleep walking all the time me and me afraid me could walk outside while sleeping .

  3. Wait till it breaks and people die. What a stupid thing to build. It's only a matter of time. If it's a child who gets killed, I vote to throw anyone involved in the building and approving this pool,off the top floor to their deaths.

  4. I sure hope thats double reinforced. A big tank of water weighs a LOOOOT. If that broke everyone would die in that pool as they were sucked out and thrown down to the street. I'm pretty sure they thought of that and its probably very safe.

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