World’s Hardest Climb Goal of Yosemite Wall Climber | National Geographic


Prior to getting on the Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park, the most difficult “big wall” objective in the world, Kevin Jorgeson had a very different climbing focus and style. It all changed when he was approached by Tommy Caldwell to partner up and take on the impossible.
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Summiting Yosemite’s Dawn Wall, the climbers have made history:

Five reasons this ascent has pushed climbing forward:

World’s Hardest Climb Goal of Yosemite Wall Climber | National Geographic

National Geographic


50 thoughts on “World’s Hardest Climb Goal of Yosemite Wall Climber | National Geographic”

  1. And some boy from Czech repblic, where is not event rock more than 60m (200y) tall. Can beat this epic wall in 9 days.

    What a f**k?

  2. OMG. Going home to mom, literally, every two weeks. They seem like men, but they are just kids, playing in bigger sandboxes. Yuck. And – yes – that's how it gets done. He can more than afford his own place with his own laundry with his own friends- says much.

  3. Yosimite is a beautiful place. One of the best things we found when we moved to California. Id rather just enjoy the veiw 😉

  4. Where is the ghost of John Muir? Why must the athletically obsessed invade serenity of this proportion, vainly bent on conquering grandeur by scaling heights? Meanwhile, in the vale below, is there so much as one sublime poet pleased simply to gaze upon the spectacle, pen arrested by the awesomeness? The mind, too, needs exercise. Contemplation is the calisthenic means.

  5. Wtf he's from Rosa! Much love man 707 SRC represent! But damn man Yosemite to the rose is like 3-4 hour drive!

  6. Is this an assisted climb ( meaning when the wall is nothing but smooth you need a little copper) or (after a little bit)  did he make the transition.  BRAVO, You my friend deserve a drink.

  7. A question from an ignorant guy: who creates these problems, drills holes onto the wall & marks the walls?

  8. They never fully explained why this is an important climb. For someone who is not in the climbing scene, could someone please explain?

  9. God he must be in so much shape. Pulling himself up with only how fingers at such a high altitude

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