Healthy Food To Buy | Costco GROCERY Shopping FOR GAINS!!

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HEY guys! this is a vlog style video! at this upload I’m taking you to my college, where I’m picking up my graduation approval document and after that, I’m taking you through beautiful streets of New York City to Costco Whole Sale shopping! Im targeting food that are spastically suit my diet and macro nutrients to build some more muscles and burn fat.

Thank you for watching. It means a lot to me!

~ Andriy Stakhiv

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41 thoughts on “Healthy Food To Buy | Costco GROCERY Shopping FOR GAINS!!”

  1. congrats on your diploma and graduating. it is very difficult to have time for school and fitness but you did it mane!!! hell yea… happy for you! dam costco is hella far right?

  2. Congrats on getting the diploma!!! So funny when I was at university I wanted to get out so bad… but now I miss school so much and I want to go back. lol Sooo I'm not a city person and I know most people don't drive their cars often I think… How do you go grocery shopping if you have lots of bags? Did you eat any free samples at Costco? I use to go there and have lunch with the free samples they gave out. hahaha

  3. Congrats on the approval letter man. Math is one of my favorite subjects after physics of course. Great video you really made me feel that NY feeling with the great vlog

  4. awesome vlog man, so sick your getting your diploma soon. how old are you? i still have another few years left of college.

  5. Congrats on the degree bro! Math has always been my favorite although Ill only have to take it once or twice for my current major since I was so ahead from high school

  6. Yeah Yeah Andriy Jon here just wanted to say great video and editing as well as congrats on the getting of ya Diploma Bro Well Done ???

  7. I have never had tofu before but I have seen a lot of other people eating it and now you so I guess I will have to try it! Loved the video and I just subscribed to your channel and I actually just created my own channel so it would mean the world if you checked out and/or subscribed to my channel as well 🙂

  8. Hey just sub u, nice work on the videos. Can you check out my channel and subscribe to it to support me and motivate me to thanks a lot.

  9. Hey there dude, been looking at some of your stuff, I gave this vid here a like! How's it goin' today? Myself, I do vlogs, if you're into that. I'm trying hard to make it with the video thing. They're here if you wanna see my shenanigans: Keep going though, you can do it!'`'`'

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