Five Frugal Turkeys: Learning from bad videos

Today I look at five of my videos that weren’t so great and what I can learn from them.

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24 thoughts on “Five Frugal Turkeys: Learning from bad videos”

  1. I find it very hard to watch Indy Mogul or Film Riot videos. I think they are far too juvenile and not funny at all. Bandwidth Bucks? Now I know why there is a 10-hour long Cows, Cows, Cows video. Five turkeys out of over 300 videos is not bad. Over 300??? I've watched every one and I've learned a lot. Plus, I've saved money, using some of the great ideas. Thanks!

  2. Hey Scott, great video! A question for your Q and A, what is the best way to keep continuity as much as possible on set? Would really be interested to hear your response. Thanks -Anton

  3. Great video. Admitting mistakes actually helps people trust you more. Helping others to learn from those mistakes even more so.

  4. 1 probably isn't fraudulent towards advertisers, you make no representations to them. May violate terms and conditions. Certainly misrepresentative towards your audience, it would have blown a good proportion of my monthly quota. That can cost real money.

  5. Oh, there is nothing more painful that watching early episodes of ones own channel. We all made mistakes, and hopefully we learned from them.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I did have to go back and watch the first one (

    ), it wasn't that bad, but with the FilmRiot reference I was expecting someone to be yelling at you from off camera. ­čÖé

  7. Honest list that we can all learn from. You have a great channel and I watch every video as many others do. One of the reasons I like you is that you seem genuine.

  8. Hello Scott, homour is such a thing that if you can't pull it off it's better to abort it, else it will be laboured. I don't think anyone is funny in any of the You Tube film making channels. But again, at the cost of labouring, let me tell you your modesty is one of your biggest attractions.

  9. Why do you say turkey what is the meaning of the expression or where does it come from. I assume it has something to do or is related to failure.

  10. Yeah — one of the reasons I like your channel is the simple fact that you're humble and willing to admit when you make a mistake. That's the kind of people I respect!!!!

  11. SCOTT [the Frugal Filmmaker] For President 2016

    Doing something to scam the system..You would fit in nicely in that Washington crowd.
    Brought to you by the Frugal Filmmaker for President 2016.

  12. Wow! I can't imagine too many people posting to YouTube that would be this honest about "mistakes" so that others might learn.

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