5 Believable BIGFOOT Sightings Caught on Camera


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5. “Bigfoot Caught On Dash Cam A Closer Look”:

4. “Massive Bigfoot Stalking Man and His Dogs”:

3. “Strange West Virginia Bigfoot Sighting”:

2. “Bigfoot Sighting near Sundance Utah”:

1. “Patterson-Gimlin Film”:

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43 thoughts on “5 Believable BIGFOOT Sightings Caught on Camera”

  1. I hope you enjoy today's video! As always, you can leave suggestions for what else you want to see in a future "Caught on Camera" video in the comments. I can't promise I'll use your idea, but I will consider every single suggestion I receive!

  2. I have 23 years worth of real big furry footage… from young to full grown adult… nobody else that I know has been so fortunate.

  3. 5:52 that film shows the best combination of features of Bigfoot – the head, and especially that low rear end like a wide tail or flap or long jacket or bagged suits so unless someone is massproducing and selling theses outfits by mail order this seems to be a genuine creature as all others have the same features.

  4. @5:24 Looks ancient. Fascinating. Very old…

    Why would some guy be randomly filming some shit scenery though? It's like filming a dog shit on some grass outside and then saying into yourself "Ah beautiful…". Very suspicious…. Deff looks like a guy in a costume.

  5. obviously not real it's the same walk the same man made inactment of the original 1980 Bigfoot sighting. if these creatures exist you would see them more often and they would share characteristics of their ancestor the gorilla . they wouldn't care about being seen because they would be at the top of the food chain . They would definitely not always be looking paranoid and walking in speeds similar to Husain bolt looking like they just left a meth lab holding a beaver like the one in this clip .

  6. you to do more Bigfoot /unicorn videos and the Jersey Devil and chupacabra and Nessie and aliens and mermaids and Slender Man

  7. A lot of the thumbnails for Bigfoot videos are Bigfoot animations to recreate encounters in finding Bigfoot show

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