8 minute abs with Jamie Alderton


Team Grenade’s Jamie Alderton shows you his 8 minute abs workout.


38 thoughts on “8 minute abs with Jamie Alderton”

  1. do u know a good excerise? Put this video playing,and while watching it do plank for 30 sec stop for 30 sec and continue..believe me?

  2. I really liked the 6 min bicep blast and use it at least once a week. I'll be adding this to my ab workouts. Thanks Jamie.

  3. 8 minutes? For years I used to do 3 hours of abs exercises with no rest! THREE HOURS after training hard for five hours ( track and filed and rugby)

  4. I really like your video. It is direct and easy to remember. I started to do it today. I hope to see some difference in 3 months. I will do these exercises every two days. My height is 170 cm and my weight is 70 kg. I have belly. See you in three months. By the way, I had watched several videos of this kind and none of them had convinced me to do the actual exercises, but this did.

  5. Even Jamie Alderton can't do this 8 min workout without a break. 🙂 At 6:16 in the video you can se him having problems and then you can se the phone move about 10 cm or something. So he had a little break.

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