Photoshop Tutorial: How to make a POP ART portrait from a Photo!

Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to quickly and easily make an Andy Warhol, pop art portrait from a photo.


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22 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial: How to make a POP ART portrait from a Photo!”

  1. What editor did you use for this? Also, could you add a link to where I might be able to purchase it?

  2. Honestly, thanks for adding the subtitles for a deaf graphic designer like me! I created my legit pop art successfully under a hour. You rock.

  3. Hi Marty I have a question , I want to create a logo where it involves Japanese script , and I am not Japanese .does photo shop have Japanese scripts ? If not what's the best alternative
    Kind regards

  4. When i did my 1st picture i was able to access Filter Gallery but ever since I'm working on my 2nd
    picture i can't access Filter Gallery. I went to look up on how to fix this and still i can't access filter gallery. I changed my picture to 8 Bits/Channel but it still wouldn't work. I changed Plug-Ins to Show all Filter and Gallery groups and names and it still doesn't work. Can you please tell me why this is happening and how do i activate this Filter Gallery? Also ever since doing this my Photoshop has become slow. Why? Please answer my questions i need help.

  5. Is there a way to save these effects so you can use them on other pictures…. I understand coloring would be different but could you save this as a preset

  6. You are the THE BEST!!!!! I'm not in pro in this…. but you explaining is perfect !!!! Just did my first Pop art of me …. LIKE A PRO !!!!!! THANKS

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