Bodybuilders Inject Muscles With Oil | Real Life Hulks


Bodybuilders risk their lives by injecting their muscles with oil, with potentially life-threatening consequences.
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33 thoughts on “Bodybuilders Inject Muscles With Oil | Real Life Hulks”

  1. you can see the body parts where he didn't inject anything it looks like that of a thin person, that guy is probably weaker than an accountant who never exercise.

  2. It is synthol and its a joke. the all lose their definition with that shit. these aren't hulks they are jokes.

  3. This synthol as it adds fake mass to your muscles does it increase strength because these guys don't look like they lift heavy at all ?

  4. Do I just think it looks ridiculously unnatural because i'm obsessed with lifting. Or do some people honestly think that these people just look like they are swole as fuck.

  5. like what kind of oil !? . this is really upsetting that people go to such lengths to look good for others

  6. I don't even think he actually works out. this guy is no bodybuilder he looks like complete shit. at least rich piana actually picks up weights in addition to the injections. this guy looks like he's never touched a dumbbell. he needs mental help because obviously he has alot of issues.

  7. These guys suck ass. The best and the greatest natty bodybuilder Kali muscle is way better than these fucks!

  8. Just eat well and train like a normal person! Results take much longer but it's all natural and looks a lot nicer! Not to mention the added health benefits of working out correctly! There are no quick fixes as is evidence in this video. Although I don't take them I'd much rather take steroids than inject oil.

  9. seriously though.I already think the real deal builders look retarded but 9 outta 10 you know even if doping those guys are about perfection, shape. etc. these guys look like they suffer from stupid desease which effects the eyes also appearantly as well as the mind

  10. That not attractive at all. Bodybuilding takes hard work and discipline. These ppl are just fooling themselves. Disgusting.

  11. That looks nasty as fuck. Not attractive at all. They look obviously fake. So why would anyone think that looks good? And to be called a bodybuilder? You have to actually work out to be one?

  12. these people are crazy as fuc. look how small is his actual muscle on the mri stupid idiot

  13. Wonder how can people feel good about their body this way when it's destroying them inside and out.

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