Why You Should Be Trail Running


Trail running allows its participant to form a unique connection with nature. A select group of individuals express how trail running enables them to “decompress from the day,” and how the activity acts as “mental therapy.”

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41 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Trail Running”

  1. Hi guys! Since some years i have been training for trail running and I have decided to make some video of my races! If you want to check this is my first one! In the future there will be others! Thaks to every one!

  2. I've hiked these same trails and have seen people trail running in increased numbers. Seems like it would be really fun but also perhaps dangerous, especially if you catch a protruding root or lose your footing and end up tumbling down a ravine at running speed.

  3. "Brought to you by Michelob Ultra"……yea, I'm sure they really care about health and fitness and nature.

  4. pfft fucknel man its running…… fuckn hipsters ruin everyyyyyyyyything , and the end bet they have coffee digested from baby monkey ass holes enemas. FINGER YOUR PISS HOLES IT MAKES YOU LIVE AN EXTRA ! 10 DAYS !!!! trust me

  5. Very nice kind of activity but remember one thing – never run down the hill especially steep one, your knees will serve you much longer then.

  6. Amazing video, run and trip.
    Check out our channel and find the video from the danish trailrun North Coast Ultra – that was a great run.

  7. 😀 The guys second name on the left at 0:58 is "Schwanz", in German it is a word for "Penis" 😀 …..
    sorry sorry…. Im know serious again… so its really a good video and I really enjoyed the scenes where they run in the natur !

  8. Its so nice being out in the open air with the breeze on your face as you run. OHH SHIT AN EXSPOSED TREE ROOT, YOU TRIPED, FELL DOWN A CLIFF AND NOW YOUR DEAD!

  9. I need friends like this , WHERE ??? My Sunday morning ritual is part black part woods . Nothing like this beautiful landscape but I make the best of it here in NY.

  10. Lol. I prefer running on trails more than the streets. However, this whole thing about how you "become one with nature" is completely overblown and kind of stupid. If you want to be one with nature, go off trail and camp out in the woods. Go kill some small game and roast it over an open fire.

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