Vegas Mafia Prank!

las vegas pranks

Never mess with the Vegas Mafia… because What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. SHARE IT!!!

Thanks for EpicFiveTV and AverageBroTV for being the Vegas Mafia!

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46 thoughts on “Vegas Mafia Prank!”

  1. Dude you are the coolest Youtuber I yave ever seen in my life and I have liked and subscribed to everyone of your videos and I was wo

  2. and what if somebody jumped in water and save this person and after you say to him that it s a prank and that his phone is broken and that now he is wet…next time this men will not jump…

  3. when you speak chinese. .. and josh's dialect is so southern east… lol. "在一个baobao (bag)里" but he's suppose to be mafia. lmfao

  4. Dude you guys should be safe, when you hit him with bottle and took case thats grounds for a citizen with a conceal carry to intervene……esp in Nevada.

  5. Y'all over here saying the people wrong for not getting involved you got me fucked up you think I'm about to go up against something I have no knowledge of. Shidddd

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