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Delhi boys V/S Haryana Boys|| Part 1|| Funny Video|| God FilmS Production||

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GoPro: Fabio Wibmer’s Downhill Chase – GoPro of the World November Winner

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Irwan – The Prince | Official Video Clip

Irwan – Your Prince | Official Video Clip. More videos:

After the success of the song "Blue Thread" and "Main Fire", now Irwan return to show off in her latest single, entitled "Sang Pangeranmu". In this song, Irwan shows his ability in creating songs. "This song is my own creation, which tells the story of my story. I've fantasized about getting a princess or a woman, who might just be in my mind. Then I accidentally met a woman like the one in my imagination. I like him and he also has the same feelings for me. So this song, as if I wanted to show him that I am the prince of his heart ", said Irwan about this song.

 In the song "Sang Pangeranmu" is, Irwan tries to collaborate dangdut music with other music genres. Participated in the musical arrangement, Irwan wants this new song to sound fresh and liked by young people. "I want to show that I can write songs and also arranging my own songs. In this song if we hear other than Dangdut music, there are elements of Pop music, Reggae, to Indian music. Anyway this song can be enjoyed by young people as well ", explained Irwan.

 Singing the song itself, felt Irwan more loose while undergoing the recording process. "This song is the easiest during the recording process, whether it fit recording and when making the musical arrangement. Probably because of the song's own creation so I enjoy more. There is no burden when bringing it, "said Irwan.

 Being a singer who has works liked by many, must be the dream of all singers, including Irwan. For him, a good singer should be able to develop his skills more broadly. "My hope. hopefully this song can be accepted by the public, accepted by Indonesian musicians and accepted in the entertainment world of Indonesia. Hopefully this song can be liked and remembered all the time. For a career, I hope the future I can be known as a singer, who not only can sing but can also play music ", said Irwan.

Your Prince (Lirik)

Ever since I got to know you
I was stunned by your smile
You look at me smiling at me
Made myself smile shy

How well mannered he said
My heart was flowering
Oh what lovely girl is her name
Want to get closer to know him

Oh my girl is fascinated
Oh girl I fell in love

I am your prince
That brings a million love
I am your prince
Always be faithful to look after you

To always beside you
Let me say love
So you're happy with me
Make love beautiful forever

Cipt .: Irwan Krisdiyanto
Music Producer: Arief Iskandar
Percussion program, Piano & String: Arief Iskandar
Lead Guitar: Ricky Ex Sonet 2
Flute: Andi D Band
Mixing & Mastering: Arief Iskandar
Production Supervision: Dadang M. Rais
A & R: Andrey Noorman
Producer: Yonathan Nugroho for Trinity Optima Production / 3D Entertainment
Executive Producer: Trinity Optima Production / 3D Entertainment
Publishing: Trinity Optima Publishing

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3D Entertainment is a sub-label of PT. Trinity Optima Production (TOP) which houses artists with the Dangdut music genre.


Music videos without music: GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) by PSY

I was wondering how would a music video feel like without music. So I made this in about four hours. Enjoy!
All credits are at the end of the video. Check my website, for more Music Videos Without Music and info!
Woke up and suddenly have to flip through 52 pages of comments. It’s one of these mornings, isn’t it…
Thanks to all of you! 😀 You might be helping me to get enough motivation to get back to making videos. I’ve read your comments and I’d like to clear some things up.
I AM USING THE OFFICIAL ACAPELLA VERSION. On top of it, I added sound effects by other people (everyone is credited). That was the bulk of the work within those 4 hours. I used LMFAO as a kind of reference to the videos that used to pop up soon after the Party Rock Anthem m/v was released, with the shuffling combined with different songs. First time I’ve heard Gangnam Style, I thought of Party Rock Anthem – they are really, REALLY similar in style, and I think many people noticed that. So this was just another point to make. I think that was the best song to choose at the end. Also, the lack of sync was caused by some glitch in my editing software. There’s a lot of small things which could be fixed, but for me, it was just another fun project to work on during the evening, so I didn’t really bother.

Thanks again! And yes, I might consider doing more of these, I WILL do some different stuff as well, so subscribe and see for yourselves of you’re curious 😉



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GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery

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PURPLE – Crazy half | Official Video Clip

UNGU – Half Gila | Official Video Clip
Other UNGU Songs:
This video is produced by Trinity Optima Production

The song "Half Going Crazy" created by Enda UNGU, a pop ballad genre that tells a person who is half crazy when loving someone. According to Enda, the process of cultivating the song does not take long. "The song is nuanced pop, it is arguably this song is really UNGU really because the vocals back filled by Pasha.I make this song quickly really, early in the year .. Not until a week has become," said Enda.

 Despite the issue of dispersed, UNGU looks very compact. Their compactness is also seen from the making of the video clip song "Half Gila" is done in Palu City. "In Palu it's a lot of good places. Many do not know if Palu is a good tourist destination really. Well happy, PURCHASE the way again and there is a new place for us kreasikan "Makki said." The shooting decision there is indeed from friends. I do not mind shooting in Palu. There are several places before, but all and the management want in Palu. But indeed the natural resources in Palu is no less good. I also thank you, the video clip in Palu is just helping me to promote tourism destinations Palu through Purple, "added Pasha.

 Mr Drs. Hidayat Msi as Mayor of Palu – Central Sulawesi, who also attended the press conference launching of UNGU's latest single, expressed his support for the launch of the latest single from UNGU. He also regretted if Pasha did not continue his work in the field of music. For him, the band UNGU is one who has delivered Pasha to finally become a public official like now. "From the beginning I have spoken, as long as it does not disturb the duty and obligation of him in the city government of Palu, yes baseball problem.He has an important function in UNGU.So also the meaning of PUSHI for Pasha.I say, try if there are spare time together again with UNGU, "said the Mayor of Palu tesebut. Mr Hidayat thinks Pasha is able to adapt in government and as a musician. Switching tasks can also be set up with good communication. "We're both comfortable, no worries. Sometimes he comes out, I keep the goal. Vice versa, "he added.

 The song "Half Gila" is for the first time brought UNGU during a solo concert in celebrating 20 years of UNGU work in belantika country music held at Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore, on 25 February 2017 ago. This song was planned to be present adorn the latest album UNGU next.

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