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Video "Zouk" ►Vol 1◄ [☼♫ 31 CLIPS MIXES PAR JEJE-97X ♫☼]

Good morning,
Upon request, I put my clip "31 CLIPS OF ZOUK MIXES BY JEJE" which had been blocked by Youtube. The tone has been modified 1/2 tone, there is a sail effect that slightly alters the sound quality. This clip is also available on with the original soundtrack. I want to make clear that this mixed video was made with the aim of highlighting the work of these artists, by passion of the Caribbean music and mixing, not for profit. There was and there is no monetization to activate on my video and no desire to transgress the rights of music authors and clips present in my mix.

01-Patrick Andrey-Le Temps N'efface Nothing
 02-Lohane-A flower of you
 03-Emana – Thirst Of T Aimer
 04-Nilâ Priss Feat. Axel Tony – Take The Devils
 05-Marysa And Marvin-Bo Mwen
 07-Neeko-From Ton Depart
 08-Sweet Way – Who's Online
 09-Axel Tony-The Fires Of Love
 10-Ludo-I Love U
 11-Fanny J-Gucci
 12-Michael – Bitin A Babe
 13-Stéphanie Renée-Laisse Moi Make
 14-Jim Rama-Ineida
 15-Milca-Que Des Words
 16-Ali Angel-In My Life
 17-Soumia – When You Are Not
 18-Thayna-The Heart Has His Reasons
 19-Gessy Nataly-Close Les Eyes
 20-Frekans Zouk-Je T Aime Or I Hate You
 21-Lylah-For The Best
 22-Viens Zouker, Vol. 3-Yannick Cabrion- Confians
 23-Kindya Lachoua-Avew 'Or San'w
 24-Celine Retory-Douce
 25-Jfp-Mwen Ke Ay
 26-Jim Rama-Yes Patron Feat Anofela
 27-Patrick Andrey – An Pe Ke Twouve
 28-Stephane Moreau-Pa Pe Dewale
 29-Doriane – It's Better Like Ca
 30-Wilh'm-I Want To Love
 31-Imani-Too Strong For Us