Ep. 16: Server Packet Receiving – Network Chat Programming

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Ep.12: Receiving Packets – Network Chat Programming

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Fever The Ghost – SOURCE (official music video)

Official music video for ((SOURCE)) by Fever The Ghost.

UK / Europe – 12” coloured vinyl:
Red –
Blue –
US – Blue and Red Double 7” vinyl:




[SFM TUTORIAL 01] Making a basic movie Start to Finish

End of Into, Layout of SFM: 00:29
Loading Map: 01:12
Changing Cameras: 02:15
Creating a Camera: 02:30
Timeline Editors: 03:42
Controlling the Camera: 04:37
Loading a Model: 06:49
Tools to pose a model: 07:19
Loading a Light and Light Set up: 09:20
Adjusting Light settings: 12:55

Posing Model (Motion Editor): 15:05
IK Rigs: 15:47
Procedural Tools: 17:20
Animating with the Motion Editor: 18:40
Animating with the Graph Editor: 22:48

Camera settings: 29:36
Quick Tip – Idle animations: 32:02

Exporting: 33:24
Render Settings and it’s effects: 36:52


insaneintherainmusic’s amazing Jazz renditions:
The Legendary xKito Chill mix:
Monster Cat’s boopin beats:
The Gates of Hell:
Also Sprach Brooks:
Litereal sex (Watamote Temptation OST):
RainyMood (goes with anything):


TAB = Toggle/switch Editors
R (holding camera) = Rotate Camera
Scroll Wheel = Zoom in/Out
W = Move Tool
E = Rotate Tool
SHIFT+Scroll Wheel = Smooth Selection
SHIFT (In Timeline) = Select Time
ALT (In Timeline) = Shift Time
M = Create Marker (Only effects animations in Graph Editor, else where is notes)
B = Blade tool for Storyboard Timeline
Right Click on the Viewport to change render settings – up these up to 16+ once ready to export!
Set Launch Options in SFM’s steam Properties to:
-sfm_resolution 1080

And don’t forget to save your work 😉


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Models from Garry’s Mod Workshop to SFM giving you trouble?
Use Gmod Workshop Extractor for SFM:

Biggest D’s and B’s (◕‿◕✿):
Not the Time (Ian, with a HUUUUGE peen)
Tyniwings (David)
and ofcourse, Lemmy (he’s dumb tho lol)


Top 10 lost Heroine From Bollywood How They Look Now and Then

Top 10 lost Heroine From Bollywood How They Look Now and Then ! 2017

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