WHAT I ATE TODAY #1 | Vegan, Food for Losing Fat

What I eat in a day; vegan, vegetarian, raw healthy food to help you lose weight 🙂 minus the sneaky chocolate at the end 😛

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10 Cooking/Food Life Hacks

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Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup | Food Busker

Food Busker is hitting the streets with another incredible recipe: Ramen noodles layered with finely sliced fresh vegetables and shredded chicken in an Asian style broth then topped with a soy infused egg. How much would you pay for it?

Do you think it’s worth what he does? Let us know in the comments below….

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DF – This is a Dairy-free recipe



Roi and Alex demonstrate some brilliant food hacks updated and ready for your eager learning.

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Delicious Food Mashups With Campbell’s Soup // Presented By BuzzFeed & Campbell’s

Cheese + Campbell’s + Pizza + Tacos = Food Heaven
Made for real, real life. For more recipes, visit campbells.com


Exotic Foods That Can Actually Kill You

Top 10 foreign types of food that are toxic if eaten the wrong way.
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For most of us, we are happy with a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, hamburger and fries or a sandwich when it comes to meal time. Of course, not everyone eats as we do. Around the world, different regions and cultures eat a variety of foods which we have never seen or even heard of. Fruits, meats and spices come in different forms and have varying importance depending on where you live. Often, cultural practices and regional restrictions dictate what many people in different regions eat. For instance, maritime countries often have a bounty of seafood with fewer dishes related to beef or pork. Other nations may have diets high in chicken or lamb while some may rely heavily on vegetable and fruit based diets.
All of this variety results in a world where the definition of what constitutes food is very broad. For instance, the fried tarantula treat of south-east Asia doesn’t seem out of place to the indigenous population. However, bring some fried eight-legged treats to North America and we’re betting more than a few people would be grossed out. There is such a broad variety of things that people are willing to eat that naturally some dangerous items work their way into the diet. In North America and Europe we think of things like fast and processed food as being dangerous because in the long run the preservatives, sugars, salts and fats can have harmful effects on our bodies. Heart disease, obesity, stroke and cancers are just a few of the dangers associated with our diet. What about the rest of the world.
Indeed, throughout the rest of the world there are foods that can be as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than the terrible things we put in our bodies. Just because these regions don’t have as close ties with processed and fatty foods as we do doesn’t mean there aren’t a few killer foods hanging around. In fact, rather than kill you slowly over time, these exotic foods can often strike quickly. The irony with many of these foods is that they trade the long term negative health effects found in North American food for a rapid and often poison related death. In many of the following examples, the exotic foods are extremely popular and consumed in great quantity every year. The catch is that they need to be prepared very carefully and in very specific ways in order to ensure there is no danger.
Poisonous fish, deadly fruits and potentially harmful meats are the types of exotic foods most of us would stay away from because they seem gross and liable to kill you. The funny thing is that to anyone from outside of the Western World, the same thing could be said about much of the modern diet we consume on a regular basis. It’s just a matter of picking your poison.

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10 Fast Food Hacks You Didn’t Know About

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rainbow power salad w roasted chickpeas hello to you, spring food! spiralized z…

rainbow power salad w roasted chickpeas ???? hello to you, spring food! spiralized zucchini, carrots, fresh basil, crispy spiced chickpeas, and mmmmmagic green sauce. obvi.?
5 Minute Magic Green Sauce (Google it)
3 large carrots
1 medium zucchini
¼ cup fresh basil, cut into ribbons
1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
olive oil
pinch of cumin and chili powder
salt and pep

spiralize vegs, roast chickpeas, toss, eat ??

and yes I love raw zoodles! way better than soggy cooked. people always ask -> we use the @theinspiralizer!

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Credit by: pinchofyum

Mountain Dew Ice Cream by @FunFoodsYT #delicious #icecream #recipe #howto #foodi…

Mountain Dew Ice Cream by @FunFoodsYT #delicious #icecream #recipe #howto #foodie #foodporn #foodpornshare #dessert #bake #prepare #video #mountaindew #pop #diyicecream #condensedmilk #diply

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Remaking the Best Food From Movies and TV

What dish do you think he should cook up next? Still kinda curious about that milksteak…