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Why we do it
The man who comes into this life is obliged to gather as much knowledge and then pass on to future generations.
The greatest sin that man can commit is actually retire and not disclosing his lifetime accumulated information to someone else, we can go to every minute.
Hurry tell the world how to make it better.
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Offer of Cooperation
We allow each person to form their own interesting videos and show on our channel. We plan to create a series of thematic channels oriented in all possible directions, which will be displayed only quality materials. If you are interested in our offer and you are interested in the show, so you learn how to shoot, pretend and cut videos, or do it for you. Also we are looking for screenwriters, authors, comedians and people who are willing to do something for others. We're taking volunteers who are willing to participate in social experiments, groups of public jokes that people will point to their weaknesses. We do not divide people on nationalities and age.
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Offer for sponsors.
All videos and projects with financial support from voluntary donors. If you want to become a sponsor or any video project
We try to choose the most appropriate theme for you or your company
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Music video:
Music with creative commons license from all over the Internet.
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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
Notebook: Acer Aspire V3-574-711B
Camera: Panasonic HC-V750