Homeless Man MONEY PRANK

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Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City

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Old Man Strength At Muscle Beach

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Top 10 Myths About Sex

Does size matter? Is the G-spot real? Alltime 10s sorts out the sex-facts from the sex-fiction, bringing you 10 sex myths that are completely untrue.

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Music = Bed Bugs by Bob Bradley / Matt Sanchez / Steve Dymond & Foxxy Brown by Chris Blackwell

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This was our list of Top 10 Myths About Sex. What did you think? If you liked this video, you might enjoy 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Human Body:

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Best Sports Plays of 2014

Was anything better than Odell Beckham Jr.?

Check out best sports plays from 2015 and 2016!

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The 25 Best Plays of 2014


Man v. Food (S2E14) – Making The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger

All footage and material © The Travel Channel LLC.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the full challenge. Rather, it’s just the making of the burger.

From season 2 of Man v. Food, Episode 14, “Detroit, MI”. This is the biggest burger in the world as of (probably) August or September 2009. And yes, Adam and his team took this thing on after it was made.

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Adam (and his team of many) failed to eat the 190 lbs. burger.