LeBron James Top 10 Plays of his Career

One of the most athletic and gifted athletes to ever play in the NBA, LeBron James has not only lived up to the hype that surrounded him when he came straight out of high school & into the NBA, but has exceeded it. A 3-time MVP and NBA Finals champion, the young career of King James has already been spectactular – now lets take a look at the 10 best plays so far!


Top 10 Surprising Ways HEAT Affects the WORLD

Every year when summer rolls around, people do their best to beat the heat. For some this means turning on the AC and going to the pool occasionally, but for others heat is more than just an inconvenience and summer is not a fun time to romp around and play. In some parts of the world dealing with the heat can be an extremely dangerous proposition, and even in parts of the world with air conditioning and modern infrastructure, deaths from heat stroke are a bigger concern than many people realize. While most people think they know how best to deal with the heat, there are many misconceptions about how staying cool works, and oftentimes the true dangers of the summer are not properly accounted for.

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