How to take amazing pictures with the Nikon D5500?

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In today's video I will prove to you that your life is a big scam. at least for food.

Pancake trumpet 1
Since traditional maple syrups are poured on the pancake, they are almost transparent, so eating meats use instead of motor oil. But if you have not had your appetite yet, I'll tell you that the pancakes are still blown with an impregnating spray so that it does not absorb the engine oil.

2. roast chicken trick
If you are a chicken who is preparing for a photo shoot, I can not serve you much.
first you are dead. and secondly, your photographer will collapse with paper and then pour the potato paste into your skin so that you will be tight and add a little tanning lotion (no, not with the tanning lotion that the Zuzyna shoots in the solisalon)
But rather with shoe polish or paint.
Finally, they are released in about 10 minutes.

3. Steaming food trick
Meat dishes rarely take hot food, as they are very difficult to keep warm. But what if you still have to take a steaming dish ?! Some photographers use the trick to put cotton pieces in drizzled water and then heat them in the microwave. Then the pieces of cloth are placed behind the given food, imitating the freshly prepared state of the food.

4. Coffee trick

Photographers often give a small amount of detergent to coffee, as the bubbles of the detergent keep longer than the bubbles of an average coffee. The cappuccino usually uses a foaming soap. One advantage of this is that it is easy to wash the coffee cups.

5. Fresh Fruit Trick
To make the fruits look fresh, they are blown away with a deodorant, and if that is not enough, they also blow glycerine to show small droplets of water on the fruit surface.
6. Ketchup Trick
Photographers put the ketchup in a syringe and put it on the hamburger's edges. If sesame seeds are used, they usually adhere the pieces of sesame to the jar, just as you would at home.

7. Ice cream trick

Because a lot of lights are used in a photo shoot, ice cream will soon melt. That is why it was invented that if they mixed the potato pie with the food color, it would have exactly the same effect as a real dumpling ice cream.

8. Corn flakes TRÜKK

We all know that cereal flakes quickly absorb milk. Well, a photographer has a solution to this. The Elmer's glue, whose color is exactly the same as the milk. If this adhesive is used, the cereal flakes are placed in the muesli tray as desired.

9. Cracking Trick

 you've certainly seen those pictures of cool drinks while they're just being poured into the glass. this is a sort of spooky trick, as they actually make these forms of plastic. these splashes may be their chambers, but with the pictures seen our tears are not !!!!

10th Ice Trick
In the next photo, what do you think is true?
I have to sell a secret, the first picture, unfortunately, is too good to be true, because it is made of plastic. this trick is introduced because the real ice is too foggy to make a professional image of it.

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