Workout with Flat Bench Chest Press Cable ALT

chest press
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How to do a Needle (Straight Leg Scorpion)

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Pole Dance Workout for Beginners

Pole Dance Workout for Beginners
There’s a lot more to pole dancing than meets the eye. Not limited to strippers anymore, this form of dance is a great way to get in shape, and get in touch with your feminine side. However, you need to know the right technique to reap all the benefits. Increasing flexibility, balance and strength are just a few of the rewards you’ll see after a few weeks in the class. In this video, learns the basic techniques involved in pole dance fitness, and checks out the primary moves you will learn in your first pole dancing class. These include the Fireman, the Pinwheel, and the V-Spin.


Lower Body Stretching Routine for Flexibility – Fitness Blender Cool Down Stretches

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