Self-teaching SFX Makeup: Learning Resources, Tips

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Extract Video Clips from DVDs

Hey guys this is just a quick video tutorial on how to extract a videoclip from a DVD using VLC.


Fitness Power Abs: Your workout for a flat and sexy belly

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Fitness Workout: Losing Weight in Just 20 Minutes!

Losing weight can be so easy! Fitness Coach Lenka Holakova will show you her best exercises for a perfect figure. So a workout is fun and the 20 minutes go by as if in flight! Weight loss with sports fitness training

Losing weight in just 20 minutes:

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CELL PHONE Trailer VF (Samuel L. Jackson – Horror, Thriller, 2016)

October 1st, 3:03 pm. Those who use their phones instantly turn into bloodthirsty killers …
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October 1, 3:03 pm. Author of comic book, Clay Riddell witnesses a scene of chaos at the airport: those who use their phone instantly turn into bloodthirsty killers. He binds to other survivors, including Tom McCourt, to find the signal behind the phenomenon and fight it before it's too late.

A film directed by Tod Williams
With John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Isabelle Fuhrman
French release date: September 2016 on DVD
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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