✖✖✖ Top 10 Most Gross Misses of the Universe ✖✖✖

The Misses have shown today that they have a lot to teach us the ugly.
Every time as they prepare them more in their homes of national beauty not only to demonstrate that they are the most beautiful but also to give us lessons in philosophy, history, politics, art and above all HUMOR! Ha ha ha ha ha ha….

Due to the feminine beauty that invades our eyes and stuns our ears I present to you the Top 10 of the most dumbest of the universe.

Poor these women, unfortunately for them we can not do anything because the tree is born stupid, or because I study at Harvard Hahahaha ….

Thanks to Miss Panama at least I learned more about philosophy …
Aristotle invented the "Aristocracy", Silvino invented the whistles and Plato created the first plate of history.

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Enjoy the video.