Top 5 Foods For Your Brain’s Health

Did you know how important your brain’s health is? Did you know there are foods that help improve your brain’s health? Well, here’s a list of the top 5 foods for your brain’s good health.

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"By Lose Weight, Boy 11 Year Rela 'Burned'!" – A boy …

"Demi Lose Weight, Boy 11 Year Rela 'Burned'!" – A 11-year-old boy weighing 146 kg should be 'burnt' in order to lose weight. Li Hang, must pass through traditional Chinese medicine after her weight increased unnaturally since the age of 3 years.

Reporting from, includes cupping fire treatment, flame treatment, known as "hua liao" and also akupuntur.Foto-treatment photo shows Li Hang in pain when the doctor put a towel over the flaming big belly Li.

The treatment process is carried out in Changchun Kangda Hospital, Changchun City, Jilin Province northeast. With a weight loss treatment specialists, Changchun Kangda Hospital using various cult of traditional Chinese medicine, including Baguan (fire cupping), flame treatment, and acupuncture.

Seven out of 53 obese patients of the hospital are children. Li who comes from the city of Harbin, weighs 42.5 kg when she was three years old. The weight of almost 2.5 times the normal weight se-age children.

Li suffered symptoms of Prader-Willi, a rare disease which include overeating, learning difficulties, and abnormal growth. China is touted as the country with the largest number of obese children in the year 2025.

The number of children who are obese 48.5 million, according to a report last month's World Obesity Federation. (Source: Tribunnews)

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Yes you can! – Motivacion Fitness

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This Is What 200 Calories Look Like: Junk vs. Healthy Food

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“Health Food” vs. Healthy Food — How to read labels

Do you know how to read food labels? Maybe you THOUGHT you did. Truth is, you probably don’t.

But Jeff Novick, MS, RD — of the McDougall program — does. And in his full talk he shows the 3 easy steps you MUST know if you ever buy foods at any supermarket or “health” food store.

In this online excerpt, Novick — who used to be a food service manager at Kraft Foods — exposes one of the dirty secrets major food corporations use to deceive consumers. It’s no accident labels are so confusing!

High-protein/low-carb diet proponents claim that the US started eating “low-fat” foods 20 years ago and yet still gained weight, “proving” that the low-fat diet wasn’t effective.

But that’s nonsense, as Novick demonstrates in his talk.

The foods weren’t/aren’t low-fat at all. Food companies use sleight of hand to make them appear that way.

Novick shows how to cut through the nonsense of food labeling to see what you need to see, and understand what you’re really getting.

This is an excerpt from Novick’s 80-minute talk at the VegSource 2007 Healthy Lifestyle Expo, and part of a 12-part series of top health expert presentations.

In his full fascinating and entertaining presentation, Novick teachers the “three easy rules” for cutting through the b.s. and quickly understanding food labels, to know exactly what you’re getting. After watching his talk, you’ll never look at packaged food the same!

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10 Biggest Celebrity ★ Fitness Body Transformation

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10 Biggest Celebrity Fitness Body Transformation. Check out also second part
Fit actors talks about their body transformation from fat or skinny to muscular, workout, diet routine and work on the set, everything I found in interviews, movies and extras. Enjoy!


Positive programming is absolutely real thing. The most difficult thing is to keep …

Positive programming is absolutely real thing.
The most difficult thing is to stay in this state.
And the fact that it works I feel on myself now every day. ?
Do not get hung up on your desires, do not turn them into paranoia.
Just think and let go.
Let go?
Now we take the pill of a smile and a positive perception of what is happening to you in the morning, afternoon and evening.
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