V-Strom 250/ABS official promotional movie

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Process: Making Neon Signs on Hong Kong

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SmartWatch GT08 Review – The Best Cost Benefit!?

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Kris Wu – Juice (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Andy Hines
Produced by Black Dog Films
Creative engineered by 88rising
Backdrop art by Aaron Kai (


Yao Mings Top 10 Plays of his Career

Considered to be one of the best shooting big men in the history of the game, Yao Ming towered over his defenders and was a global icon & Chinese hero. Few players have had the international following Yao Ming developed over his career & he delivered a steady flow of amazing plays for his fans. Lets take a look back at his brilliant career and count down Yao Mings 10 best plays!


Paleo Diet/SHTF

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"Pilot Salaries in China Rp333 million / month, Interests?" – airlines China general …

"Pilot Salaries in China Rp333 million / month, Interests?" – Chinese airlines generally offer a fantastic salary of foreign pilots in order to persuade them to work on Chinese airlines.

No half-hearted, the salaries offered range USD300.000 or IDR4.03 billion per year (rate Rp13.423 per USD). That is, pilot salaries in China per month approximately Rp333,3 million. Expansion of China's airline companies as demand for air travel is quite rapid.

"There is quite a lot of pilots in the world to fill the demand. This is why the pilot salaries continue to be higher," said CEO Dave Ross Wasinc International reported by CNN.

Some airline in the country, there are advertising vacancies with salaries of up to US $ 300 thousand per year. They also promised that the salary offered will be free of tax rebates.

China will need approximately 4,000 to 5,000 new pilots every year in the next two decades. Chinese airlines also rated as one of the fastest growing on earth.

Tempted by the amount of salary offered by China, Jeff Graham a pilot in Southern Water in San Antonio, Texas willing to leave the airline in advance. Last year, he began working in an airline which is in Shenzhen, China.

"Before I fly anywhere, as much as 80-100 hours per month. Here, I just flew 50 hours for pretty much three times the salary," he said.

Some advertisements from Chinese airlines offer a monthly salary of more than $ 25 thousand for the pilot. One of them Chengdu Airlines.

The airline is proud that it offers the highest salaries in China with USD25.800 per month salary plus bonus USD36.000 if completed a contract that usually lasts three years. (Source: Kompas)

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10 comische Freizeitparks!

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The days are getting warmer and the season for numerous recreational parks starts. The theme parks in this episode are somewhat different, however, than you normally imagine! Here is the "10 Amusement Park Disasters!": – Click here for "The most sinister abandoned amusement parks!":

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The Most Popular Drunk Foods Around The World

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