World War 2 Footage: The most intense and shocking clips. (GRAPHIC)

This is a collection of the most intense clips during World War 2. These images are featured all around the world from the Eastern Front, to the Pacific War, and to the landings of Normandy. All these images are genuine, and they contain very graphic content, even some disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

I put this together to attempt to show the horrors of war, in hopes that something like this may never happen again. And please, don’t start any debates in the comment section over this about who did more or what. This is not to show off on which country did more, or worse. This is not a video on which side to take. This is just strictly to show what war is really like, and how serious this one was.


Shoot Your Friends: Bullet Hit Tutorial

The ultimate how-to video on our techniques for creating bullet hits! Ground hits and bloody squib hits are covered, and we even give away FREE STOCK FOOTAGE. Holy crap!

There’s also a kickin’ gun fight at the beginning just to set the mood! Action packed, just the way I like my tutorials.

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Guest starring Clinton Jones,