[TOP 10] LATEST LOTTERY WINNER ✔ Who Have Been A Big Mistake! [LEGJOBB]

[TOP 10] LATEST LOTTERY WINNER ✔ Who Have Been A Big Mistake! [LEGJOBB]

Most people in the world have dreamed of what they would do with their lives if they won the lottery prize. Obviously, many would buy a dream home, dream car, give a little to the rest of the family and, of course, invest more wisely so that money never runs out, but that doesn't mean that everyone is so smart after winning millions or billions. so I picked you the 10 stupidest lottery winners in today's video who made a big mistake.

10 ian galtress

You must have heard the stories when somebody won the jackpot and that these lucky winners did not have enough wisdom to take care of the winning coupon. In most cases, these three winners, who now enjoy their daily life in the huge foam jacket, have found the coupon, but unfortunately the ian galtress in Merseyside can't tell you about it.
Ian took two bets for the euromillions and was lucky enough to have one raffle matched with what was drawn in the draw, which would have guaranteed him £ 1 million if he hadn't left the winning bet.

9 Etta May

All the people who make it to the wisdom are aware that the lottery ticket does not include the person's address and name, so the biggest stupid thing one can do is to entrust the ticket to someone else, especially when that piece of note It's worth $ 51 million.
Etta may, California, has been buying lottery tickets on a weekly basis for 18 years, until one day he comes across what most people dream about for a lifetime.

8 vivian nicholson

It is natural for every lottery winner to spend huge amounts of money after taking over the prize, but those who have a bit of a mind also think about the future and invest some of their money so that it never runs out.
Vivian won the £ 152,000 grand prize in 1961 and successfully spent it with her husband for less than 3 years, which is not surprising after she announced she would spend all the money as quickly as she could can only be.

7 Americo Lopes

People's hunger for money always causes problems, and that is exactly what happened to americo lopes. Americo was an average working man who one day was the luck most of his people dreamed of for a lifetime.
By the time he got rich, the otherwise honest thief had just $ 38 million, which after tax was $ 17 million for the man.

6 Tonda Lynn

Tonda lynn could be called the role model of absolutely stupid people. This was a waitress from a no a waffle house who verbally agreed with two colleagues that if any of them could win the jackpot, they would split it among the three. Of course, Tonda's two colleagues immediately sued for this note, but unfortunately they did not succeed because oral gambling-related items cannot be used in court.

5 Janite Lee

Janeti Lee was one of the few who decided to spend their winnings on helping others rather than on their own.
Janite, who otherwise lived in the US as a South Korean immigrant, worked in a wig shop when she won the Illinois Lottery in 1993.

4 Amanda Clayton

To be a lucky owner of a $ 1 million prize, one person must be insane enough to be stupid, like Amanda Clayton.
She was oblivious to inform the municipality that she was already rich and did not need all sorts of aid, in the midst of a lot of money. Amanda was sentenced by the court to a 9-month probationary period for taking over $ 5,000 in aid even though she was no longer eligible. Obviously, Amanda would not have died during the nine-month probation period, but unfortunately, overdoses did, which shortly after her sentence was taken.

3 Denise rossi

Denise Rossi is again a hungry woman who didn't want to share her $ 1.3 million prize with her then husband. The woman filed for divorce overnight, which her then husband Thomas accepted, even though she suspected something was shit in the pancake.

2 Michael Carol

Michael Carol, shortly after winning the £ 9 million prize draw in the English lottery in 2002 at the age of 19, became known as the jerk lottery.
Michael began to go crazy, buy the most expensive cars and houses, but then he went a little too far with his expensive cars, holding a wreckage in the garden of his also expensive luxury house.

1 Timothy Elliot

What would you start with money if you won the lottery?



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