[BUZZ] Rude fan threw her cellphone to APink Chorong in the middle of a concert

[BUZZ] Rude fan threw her cellphone to APink Chorong in the middle of a concert
1. [+55][-3] No matter how much that fan wanted Chorong to take a selfie on her phone, it’s not right to just throw her phone to Chorong’s face like that.. Having a phone drop on your feet is already painful enough..
2. [+50][-8] If I was Park Chorong, I would’ve just stepped on the phone instead..
3. [+44][-2] Look at how kind Park Chorong is..ㅠㅠ This doesn’t only apply to Chorong, but to any other idols too.. Please don’t throw stuffs to them.. People don’t say being an idol is a tiring job for nothing.. I know she probably didn’t mean to throw it to her face, but it could’ve hit her face and it’s dangerous..ㅠㅠ
3. [+28][-2] Just imagine how surprised Chorong to see that..ㅠㅠ All of Apink’s members truly love their fans so much, but Park Chorong is the member who love their fans the most.. When LUV first won at a music show, she cried alone in her room and the other members went and comfort her.. They even posted something on their official cafe to thank their fans.. They’re a bunch of angels.. People might point their fingers at these girls, saying that they won’t make it or flop. But I don’t care, they will forever be my favorite singers. Even forever doesn’t actually exist, I will love them forever..
4. [+26][-1] I’m into boy groups, but I have to admit that Apink’s members are all angels.. They’re really close with each other, and from the youtube videos I’ve watched, they’re all very pure and innocent.. They’ve never caused any problems.. Apink is famous for being innocent-dol, and they’re also very pure.. It’s amazing how they have never caused something scandalous or controversial until this second.. They look like angels..
5. [+16][-2] Are you crazy?? What if that really hit Chorong’s face?? A fan..??? Bullshit.. She’s probably just a douchebag who wanted to see celebrities in person.


Sinuli man his cellphone he was angry Raffy Tulfo furious

Grabe tong these people instead of being thankful they were angry nag good faith that someone with them they are my rights angry
– Raffy Tulfo furious and ordered the owner of the cellphone


How To Make a Cellphone Spy Camera! – Quick Build

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Learn how to turn any cellphone with a camera into a covert forward facing spy camera. A very cool camera reflector can be made by using an old cd as a mirror and attaching it to the phone. This device is very low profile and can be made in about 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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If your mobile phone’s electronics is broken, you should pretty much say
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Young Thug Type Beat “Cellphone” || The Cratez

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Three alleged robbers, fists of relatives of victims robbed of cellphone

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