PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (American Sports Edition) | Football & Basketball Trick Shots

Happy Independence Day to all our American friends! To celebrate 4th of July we’ve compiled the very best American sports trick shots from People are Awesome archive! Including basketball dunks, basketball trick shots, football field goals, football trick shots, lacrosse training, bowling and even dodge ball!

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Top 10 Horrific Sports Injuries

Sometimes athletes push their bodies a little too far. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Horrific Sports Injuries. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re looking at the most horrific and cringe worthy injuries suffered by athletes.

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Sports Science: LeBron James VS. Stephen Curry

Ahead of their highly-anticipated Christmas Day matchup, John Brenkus and the Sport Science team examine how Stephen Curry compares to LeBron James.

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Tim Tebow’s Stardom Greater Than Sports | First Take | April 7, 2017

Max Kellerman and Ryan Clark detail the reasons why there’s been so much attention to Tim Tebow hitting a home run in his first minor-league at-bat.

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