CHALLENGE FITNESS: Sculpting buttocks and thin legs!

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Cardio fitness to burn fat – Complete course

Cardio exercises to burn belly fat, thighs and calories. Sophie Cornet, sports coach, gives fitness courses for adults and children, men and women. Course rhythmic, tonic and cardio. The increase in heart rate is aimed at spending more energy, and therefore calories, at the time of performing exercises. This quickly eliminates excess pounds.

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Rockabye – Clean Bandit – Sean Paul – Anne-marie -Easy Fitness Dance Choreography

Clean Bandit & Sean Paul, perfect combination! Rockabye baby!
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►Choreo by: Sassie – Saskia van Dijk

►Song: Rockabye – Clean Bandit ft Sean-Paul & Anne-Marie


Fitness Master Class – Slimming session

Lucile offers you this week a slimming session with a work on the intensity of the exercises.
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Finger Fitness 1 :Be a Genius!

A person’s finger needs as much exercise as the body needs to stay fit and flexible. Finger fitness allows the person to enhance their coordination, finger independence, hand strength, and muscle reflexes. The video will demonstrate to individually move the finger without relying on other finger muscles to support its movement. This exercise will help benefit for those who play instruments, sports, or wish to improve their typing skills. Also can approve memory in very short time.


Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Fitness

Get fitter and faster this year with our top 10 tips for improving your fitness!
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From HIIT to core stability, there are plenty of great ways to change you training and make improvements to your fitness levels.

Have you got any training tips that you think we might have missed in this video? Comment below and let us know.

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Chris Sharma – Witness The Fitness, V15

Chris Sharma’s first ascent of the incredible roof problem Witness The Fitness, in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. From the film Dosage Volume 3. One of the wildest and hardest roof problems ever climbed, and only repeated twice since the first ascent in 2005.


Pole Dance Workout for Beginners

Pole Dance Workout for Beginners
There’s a lot more to pole dancing than meets the eye. Not limited to strippers anymore, this form of dance is a great way to get in shape, and get in touch with your feminine side. However, you need to know the right technique to reap all the benefits. Increasing flexibility, balance and strength are just a few of the rewards you’ll see after a few weeks in the class. In this video, learns the basic techniques involved in pole dance fitness, and checks out the primary moves you will learn in your first pole dancing class. These include the Fireman, the Pinwheel, and the V-Spin.


Fitness: Top 5 exercises against Hüftspeck

This fitness workout against Hüftspeck combines the five best exercises for weight loss. The Fitness Tutorial is the perfect preparation for the bikini months and makes you taut and get in shape. Have fun with the workout!

Fitness: Top 5 exercises against hip pack

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Dance Fitness with – Nevena&Goran – SHAKI RIDDIM

We are Nevena Komazec and Goran Mandic, fitness instructors and international presenters from Novi Sad Serbia. This our new routine for the song Shaki Riddim by Sir Lewis!! Such a great song! Enjoy and take it to your class!!
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