HACCP – Making Food Products Safe, Part 1

See how the seven principles of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard is used by processors for maintaining the safety of food products.

HACCP is recognized as the single most effective way to eliminate, reduce or control hazards in any food handling or processing operation.

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Learn Colors with Fishing Nets for Children and Toddlers | Catching Fish Fun Kids Playing Activity

Jason Teaches Children and Toddlers the Colors with Fishing Nets! After telling the Colours, Jason started Fishing! We had some Gold Fish to Catch which is a Fun Kids Activity! Jason was really concentrated during Fishing, and was really good at it! Hope you have Fun watching this video and hopefully Children and Toddlers can Learn their Colors with this Educational video!

Learn Colors with Sand for Children, Toddlers and Babies | Learn Colours with Shovel Toys for Kids

Learn Shapes for Children and Toddlers | Learn Colors for Kids with Shapes Educational Video

Opening Surprise Eggs and Learn Colors for Children and Toddlers | Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Colours

Learn Numbers and Colors with Wheelbarrows for Children and Toddlers | Colours with Orbeez for Kids

Learn Numbers and Colors with Big Water Balloons for Families, Children and Toddlers

Learn Colors with Water Bottle Challenge for Children and Toddlers | Bad Kid Colours Batman Prank

Family Fun Toys Activity Playing and Learning Colors with Stools for Families and Children

Learn Colors and Animals for Families, Children and Toddlers | Playing Outside in Kids Tents

Learn Colors with Balls for Children, Toddlers and Babies | Colours with Soccer Balls

Learn Colors for Children and Toddlers with M&M Candy | Learn Colours with Chocolate Smarties

Learn Colors with Play Doh Ice Cream for Children, Toddlers and Babies | Learn Colours for Kids

Learn Letters for Children, Toddlers and Babies | Learn the English Alphabet for Kids

Learn Colors with Colorful Ice Cream Cones for Children, Toddlers and Babies | Play Doh Colours Kids

Children Nursery Rhymes with Colors for Toddlers and Babies | Kids Family Finger Songs

Play Outside and Learn Colors with Stools for Children and Toddlers Outdoor Family Fun Activity

Gummy Candy Pizza Taste Challenge! Kids Fun Decorating and Tasting with M&M’s Skittles and Haribo


Idolatry and Sports – David Platt

How do we enjoy sports, hobbies, entertainment to the glory of God? Register for Secret Church 14 – “The Cross and Everyday Life” – SecretChurch.org.

In the clip Pastor David gives a helpful, but convicting illustration of the striking similarity between idolatry and the enjoyment of watching sports.

To access this entire sermon, from The Cross and Christian Community sermon series, click here: radical.net/media/series/view/1432/the-cross-and-the-christians-sports?filter=series


TOP 10 Best Launchpad Covers of 2016

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Hi guys, I hope you like any of this or even all this awesome launched covers, this top was quite difficult for me at the momento to decided which cover has which position, but I think I just chose the correct for the whole videos, if you like any of this colorful launchpad cover you can definitely check out the original launchpad remix down here, so go ahead!!

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Number 10:
Turn down for what (808 bass Drop by Zyro’s launchpad) –
also check out his beautiful channel
W.D Zyro –

Number 9:
[LAUNCHPAD] I´m An Albatraoz Cover [Cover by Niklas] –
NiklasFilms –

Number 8:
Alan Walker – Spectre [Dual Launchpad Edition] –
TeqqnixOfficial –

Number 7:
Knife Party – Bonfire (Launchpad Cover) [Project File] –
Voltapix –

Number 6:
Nev Plays – Wizards in Winter (TSO) Launchpad Pro Cover –
SoNevable –

Number 5:
Nevs Play: Zedd – I Want You To Know (Launchpad Pro Cover) –
SoNevable –

Number 4:
The most difficult Launchpad Performance // Doctor P – Flying Spaghetti Monster // Launchpad Pro –

Number 3:
Nev Plays: Avicii – Wake Me Up (Launchpad / Acoustic Guitar Cover) –
SoNevable –

Number 2:
OMFG – Hello ( Launchpad Performance ) –
W.D Zyro –

Number 1:
Nev Plays: Skrillex – First of the Year (Equinox) Launchpad Cover –
SoNevable –

Outro Song/ Ending Song
Tobu – Candyland [NCS Release]

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Gross Animal Food Taste Test

Today we eat what animals eat. GMM #916!
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Kids workout video

Teach a child how to get in shape with exercises. Maurice takes you through a beginning workout for all ages. It’s fun and healthy workout. Join in! www.tacpublishing.com


Cellphone Germs: Sick of Your Cellphone or Is It Making You Sick?

Researchers have found that some phones can be dirtier than a toilet seat.


Japanese Street Food – Street Food in Japan – Tokyo Street Food 2015

Japanese Street Food – Street Food in Japan – Tokyo Street Food 2015

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Chinese Street Food :


3 Tutorial Hijab Laudya Cynthia Bella

Siapa yang tak senang dengan gaya busana Laudya Cynthia Bella. Gayanya yang sederhana namun elegan selalu menjadi daya tarik tersendiri. Salah satu yang khas adalah gaya hijab Laudya Cynthia Bella yang selalu simple dalam berbagai kesempatan. Yuk coba 3 tutorial hijab Laudya Cynthia Bella berikut ini yang dapat kamu kenakan untuk gaya casual, semi formal, ataupun formal.

HIJUP.com is the leading modest fashion e-commerce. We sell fashion apparel especially for Muslim women in particular ranging from clothing, hijab/headscarf, accessories, and more.
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HULK PUSH Spiderman INTO POOL?! w/ Joker, Kids Cars Video FUN Funny Compilation Movie in Real Life

HULK PUSH Spiderman INTO POOL?! w/ Joker, Kids Cars Video FUN Funny Compilation Movie in Real Life

This is an awesome in real life compilation! enjoy

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