Fun Forest Animal Care – Kids Baby Animal Doctor Care Treat Animal Forest – Fun Animated Kids Video

Fun Baby Taking Care Little Animal – Pet Vet Education Animal Doctor Hospital – Fun Baby Kids Doctor Games

We received the “Tech with Kids’ Best Pick Award” for exceptional design of a children’s app.

Little Fox has caught a cold. Can you help to find him a cure? The bat has broken its wing. Do you know what to do?

Whether a bump on the head, a stomach ache from too much candy, a little wound, or a sunburn, these funny animals need the help of a really good doctor!

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3 Simple ideas for Fun

3 incredible ideas and Simple Life Hacks


Kids Fun Making Yummy Sushi | Kitchen Fun Baby Learn To Cook | Sushi Master

Fun Kids Making Yummy Sushi | Kitchen Fun Baby Learn To Cook | Sushi Master
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You are the veritable sushi master! Prepare your own fun sushi with “Daizu” the skunk!
This app is designed to allow children to be creative by decorating their original sushi.

Serve your delicious, mysterious or impossible sushi to the people of “Tofu Island”!

How about creating sushi that is totally original and serve it to your beloved guests? Spice it up with tons of wasabi or even sprinkle chocolate and gummy bears for those sweet lovers.
Feel free to make any kind of sushi you like at OH!Sushi and have your adventurous guests try them!

– Guests will put in sushi orders but you don’t have to follow them. They love you and will enjoy whatever you make.
– Can make hundreds of different Nigiri, Rolls and Gunkan sushi in 3 specialized kitchens.
– In the Nigiri kitchen, freshness is key. So you start from catching the fish in the aquarium, then cut it up and put it on top of the rice. Be bold and pile up fish and wasabi if you want to.
– In the Roll kitchen, fire the topping bazooka and spray the sushi fillings on the bed of rice. You can go super fat of super skinny, any way you want it.
– In the Gunkan kitchen, top as much fish, meat, candy and popcorn as you wish. You can even take photos and use them as sushi toppings, too.
– Now, let’s have the guests eat your creation. Look forward to their reactions!
– There are no rules in this sushi bar. Be bold, silly and unique!
– No third party ads. Safe environment guaranteed.

After all, what child doesn’t like playing with food? We hope decorating their own sushi in a fun atmosphere will help them grow their imagination. Itadakimasu!


Baby Learn Colors, Numbers, Shapes Fun Kids Games Apps by Sago Mini

Baby Learn Colors, Numbers and Shapes – Fun Kids Games Apps by Sago Mini Android & iOS Gameplay – Funny Videos for Kids, Children and Toddlers.

Sago Mini Pet Cafe
By Sago Sago
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Hungry for fun? Help feed the pets as you learn about shapes, numbers and colors. This playful new app is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Pet Cafe includes three educational activities. Your little one will be begging for seconds and thirds… and fourths!

• Match shapes by swiping or tilting
• Count and sort delicious treats
• Create a colorful fruit smoothy
• Count in more than 15 languages including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin.
• Full of adorable activities, animations and sounds.
• Perfect for 2-4 year olds.
• No in-app purchases or third-party advertising, so you and your child can play without interruptions!

Sago Mini is an award-winning company devoted to play. We make apps and toys for preschoolers worldwide. Toys that seed imagination and grow wonder. We bring thoughtful design to life. For kids. For parents. For giggles.


Learn Colors with Fishing Nets for Children and Toddlers | Catching Fish Fun Kids Playing Activity

Jason Teaches Children and Toddlers the Colors with Fishing Nets! After telling the Colours, Jason started Fishing! We had some Gold Fish to Catch which is a Fun Kids Activity! Jason was really concentrated during Fishing, and was really good at it! Hope you have Fun watching this video and hopefully Children and Toddlers can Learn their Colors with this Educational video!

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Learn Shapes for Children and Toddlers | Learn Colors for Kids with Shapes Educational Video

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Gummy Candy Pizza Taste Challenge! Kids Fun Decorating and Tasting with M&M’s Skittles and Haribo


HULK PUSH Spiderman INTO POOL?! w/ Joker, Kids Cars Video FUN Funny Compilation Movie in Real Life

HULK PUSH Spiderman INTO POOL?! w/ Joker, Kids Cars Video FUN Funny Compilation Movie in Real Life

This is an awesome in real life compilation! enjoy

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Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)


Fun Jungle Animals Care – Jungle Doctor Kids Game for Girls | Fun Games For Kids

Honey, the animals in the jungle are really in a mess at this very moment. What a bummer!

Where is the naughty monkey? Ugh, he fell into the water! Oh, poor little thing! So how about the other animals. Bad luck, the zebra is injured and the strong lion has some teeth problems. And you know what, misfortunes never come singly. The cute elephant, lively squirrel and many others are in bad situation too.

Honey, don’t sit idly by when the animals really need help. With kindness and excellent medical skills, you are the savior they are longing for. “Jungle Doctor”, please buckle up and venture into the forest!
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Baby Boss Learn To Cook Real Cake Maker 3D – Fun Cooking Kids Games – Baby Funny Video For Children

Baby Boss Cooking Kids Games Kitchen Games for kids baby toddlers children to play
Be the best cake baker the world has ever seen! What’s your favorite type of cake? Sweet birthday cakes? Fancy wedding cakes? Whatever it is, you can make it! Decorate your cakes to make them extra beautiful, and take photos so you can show your friends your yummy creations! You can even enter your cakes in a contest and serve them to your friends at the cake party!

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Baby Learn Colors, Numbers, Shapes Fun with Foods | Kids Toddler Educational Games

Baby Learn Colours, sizes, Numbers, Shapes Fun with Foods | Kids Toddler Educational Games

Download FUNNY FOOD 2! Game for kids