Sports Science: LeBron James VS. Stephen Curry

Ahead of their highly-anticipated Christmas Day matchup, John Brenkus and the Sport Science team examine how Stephen Curry compares to LeBron James.

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48 thoughts on “Sports Science: LeBron James VS. Stephen Curry”

  1. The whole Curry & Lebron comparison news is just getting old and redundant. When people r talking about either one, its like u can't mention Curry without fitting Lebron in there somewhere & vice versa.

  2. Tbh I don't care about people comparing curry and lebron… I'm sick of it. But you can never compare curry to mj, magic, Kobe, bird, Kareem, wilt, etc.You get my point curry will never be compared to any legendary player who left an impact on the court… they also have the ability to score and flat out get it done on the offensive end.

  3. okay wff why do people these days think curry would win against LeBron lol like seriously I'm a 6.3 I have the same muscles as curry I'm not going against a branch and I'm a stick lol

  4. LeBron James is the 1st player to lead both teams in POINTS, ASSISTS, REBOUNDS, BLOCKS AND STEALS in a playoff series. Also, he's never blown a 3-1 lead like Curry.

  5. you don't even need science to prove what they just proved. wasn't it obvious that lebron's size and athleticism is greater than curry's? but curry was a better shooter?

  6. Liking a team, or a player a lot doesn't make u a bandwagon. It's ok to like mj, kobe, or lebron a lot, but when you like curry a lot, ur already assumed to be a bandwagon, or a dickrider which makes no sense. A person should be able to like any team, or player without getting critisized for it.

  7. Lebron's Sapphire card in 2K17 is an 85 OVR.
    Curry's card is an 85 OVR.

  8. U ppl gotta know about basketball obvio curry is better no one can ever be as skilled as this dude LeBron does what everybody can..Of his size but no dude at 6'3 can play like curry no mothafucka can guard him

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