The Deadlift: How To LOWER The Barbell

dead lift

In this video I discuss an often overlooked part of the deadlift; the lowering phase. Lowering the barbell incorrectly can negatively affect your starting position and it can also lead to an injury.

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45 thoughts on “The Deadlift: How To LOWER The Barbell”

  1. After you DL it, you're supposed to surprise everyone by hang cleaning and pressing it, then slamming it to the ground like the price is right showcase wheel

  2. I'm guilty of looking like the bad example of lowering it 🙁 It's because, for some reason, I feel like I'm going to tweak my back lowering if I don't stay more vertical. I don't know why I don't feel that way on the way up? Maybe it's because I'm not keeping my belly full of air and core tight on the way down. I'm thinking maybe once I have the weight up, that I start to relax some.

  3. Is a single leg box squat hip dominant like the powerlifting box squat?Any help is appreciated, thx in advance

  4. So i have gotten my bench press to 285 but i then go to try 300 and i can get the starting press but then slow down half way through. What muscles should i work on strengthening? Thanks for the response ahead of time

  5. Hi ive been going to the gym for a while now and have wanted to start concentrating more on being a powerlifter i was wondering do you just work on these main movements like deadlift and squats or do you do smaller exercises like bicep curls aswell? Many thanks

  6. As of right now I am a high school athlete and working out 3 days a week in a weights class. We do upper body, lower, and full body. But his summer i am thinking about switching to doing certain muscles groups like chest/shoulders/tris, back/bis and legs. What is your guys opinion on which would build more strength

  7. I wouldn't lower it the way I lifted it, considering the deadlift is made to go in one direction, concentrically, and is dangerous enough at that.

  8. can u guys do a video on what to do if your coming back from a long break. for the small guy trying to get strength back as well as the big guy getting flexible. is it different than just starting out fresh or are there differences for people that have workout for years and take breaks.

  9. biggest thing I was worried about was am I dropping it too quickly. but I see that I'm good! thanks for the info.

  10. Hey people in the comment section, or even Alan Thrall. Would you guys say I have progressed really good in a the span of 3 months and 10 days that ive been training? I am 19, 5'4, 135 Lbs.

    Bench Press : 185 Lbs (I think I can do 190-200 now.)
    Deadlift : 335 Lbs (belted)
    Squat : 225 (belted) (can prob do 275)

  11. Could someone go to my channel and take a look at my deadlift form? My back seems a bit rounded. I'm new to lifting and I don't want to hurt my back 🙁

  12. Alan, you are the best instructor of the deadlift I have ever seen! Before I started watching you're channel my deadlift was ok(ish), now it's ?? and getting better every week. I don't believe in coincidences!

  13. I joined the gym did deadlifts 3 times, time to stop now … too complicated, i'm gonna fck something up….

  14. is it just me who always hits my knees? im not sure how he makes it go past his knees… everything looks the same to me, besides the fact that his knees move before the bar hits them.

  15. If i ever see this guy i wouldn't even say hi i bet his beard has more bacteria than a public restroom
    Shave it you piece of shit

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