My fitness journey

My journey from before my pregnancy till today 2 years after. Don´t forget to follow my blog for more


30 thoughts on “My fitness journey”

  1. You are so inspirational!!!
    Im 26 years old. I have 3 baby's. My big problem is my stomach fat!!! Big wheels there!!! I try and try, and today i bought my fit board to see if i get rid of that big stomach wheels. Im also working out with the maxy climber, which this have help me alot, i can see the difference on my legs and arm ?… im not over weight. Im 122,:) im good. But you are so inspirational to me, and i want to have a big ass and and flat tummy!?

  2. Hello. I'm interested in losing weight but don't know where to start. I'm heavy in my upper body (belly back & arms). I want to know when you started walking how many minutes a day and how long before you added strength training? Please help. Anyone's advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  3. well done and fuck the haters. if more women put this effort into looking good after birth, we wouldnt have so much divorce

  4. Hello, your video is very inspiring . Iwould like to know if you aplkied any cream or oil on your belly to avoid stretch marks or loose skin?

  5. Your all SO concerned about how your outside looks , but how's your inside looking how's your spirit looking do you have JESUS??? … your nice body is not gonna look good in HELL.

  6. respect for your discipline but why these awfully much too big implants?
    really, so unharmonious and vulgar

  7. I just had my first baby in February. I've always been very athletic and health conscious. during my pregnancy I gained 50 lbs, was on bed rest, was unable to work out and had a chance section. This video kept me motivated and in my first 30 days after baby I lost 30 lbs.
    I take her to the gym with me and we go for walks with the stroller.
    I knew I didn't want to be an out of shape mom that couldn't keep up with her babies.
    the negative comments on here are of women that are jealous that they didn't have the will power and self control to get their health back after baby.
    I won't be that mom that carries around that "last extra 10 lbs".
    I have a whole 12 months maternity leave to get my last 20 lbs off and spend lots and lots of time with my little one!

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